Why We Should Be Forced to Help the Poor Essay Example

Why We Should Be Forced to Help the Poor Essay Example

In resonance with the World Bank, 689 million people dwell under the boundaries of drastic destitution, having modified to pivot on as trivial as $1.90 upon welfare per day. With the amplifying impacts of COVID 19, this essay will provide an abstract on how and why we should assist the impoverished. It will shed light on the methodology behind why the rich are getting richer, and why the poor are getting poorer, oftentimes prevailing stuck in an inimical position. Prior to probing into further relevant justifications, I would like to give a deeper insight into the connotations of poverty, multidimensional poverty, and someone who lives under such deprived conditions – formally designated as an indigent. The term indigent pertains to an individual, whose income, or their family’s income, impedes them from obtaining fundamental requisites of life, comprising a decent shelter in the format of a house, adequate nutrition, sterile water, ample access to healthcare, and proper education. Living a life deprived of vital necessities for one’s well-being is what poverty is chiefly grounded on. Multidimensional poverty derives from poverty itself — affirming the secondary prospects of the predicament, essentially famine, health deficiencies, and the absence of education. Nevertheless, it is relatively intricate to set a definite meaning of poverty as a whole, considering that it hinges on numerous elements, such as the geographical area and particular circumstances that exploit the ferocity of the issue. Poverty is commonly categorized into six branches as follows: absolute poverty, relative poverty, situational poverty, generational poverty, rural poverty, and urban poverty. There is no particular order, though the most minor out of all is reckoned to be relative poverty. Absolute poverty, also named otherwise as abject poverty, arises when there is a scarcity of core essentials to navigate a robust lifestyle — assimilating factors like sustenance, and education. Victims of this, on the whole, undergo innumerable child deaths due to treatable diseases and unsanitary environmental constraints, give an example — malaria and waterborne diseases. Abject poverty is prevalent in undeveloped zones. Relative poverty is utilized to compute the salaries of people oriented below the cumulative criterion of salaries of the people in affluent countries. According to the European Union, the “relative poverty measure is the most prominent and most-quoted of the EU social inclusion indicators”. Despite being only temporary, situational poverty is a genus of poverty established on an incident of an antagonistic occasion, an applicable case being an environmental calamity. Generational poverty is the brutal progression that emerges when a parent’s poverty perpetually affects their child. The dissimilarity subsists that children nurtured in inferior conditions have a permit to a more restricted scope of resources in comparison to other juveniles. Rural poverty transpires primarily due to the fewer job vacancies. Likewise, urban poverty is induced by inefficient levels of skills that are in high demand in today’s working industry, shortage of career opportunities inflicted by overpopulation, as well as large family sizes, low paychecks, and a dearth of rudimentary facilities.Throughout a number of a few decades, humanity had not yet staggered across such jeopardy as COVID until early December of 2019 — the year when the pandemic commenced. The pandemic had had a myriad of dire fallouts strongly affiliated with the increasing cases of poverty. Some of them enclose the upswing of job loss, drastic inflation rates, the void of nutriment, and the disarray in healthcare and schooling. Underprivileged countries that are presently endeavoring with elevated abundances of poverty, along with middle-income nations will be exceptionally influenced by the precarious aftermaths of prospective poverty. It is speculated that an additional total of 22 million will originate from middle-income countries. The World Bank gauges that “the pandemic could push about 49 million people into extreme poverty”. Numerous components play a crucial role in the exposure of those who are scapegoats of poverty. Where a person inhabits is integral to specifying their susceptibility to the epidemic. Another underlying rationale is the confrontation of the poor to the dismay of unemployment, as their acquired skills do not qualify to be of any benefit in the modern business enterprise. Ergo, this exemplifies why “the rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer”. In brief, while the poor burden themselves to pay the costlier taxes, the wealthy simply reinvest their revenues and relish a broader sum of money. This unjust cycle transpires as the poor are less knowledgeable about the principles of trade and business, and the wealthy manipulate it to their optimal advantage.To assist the poor, the governments may, as a starter, begin with increasing employment across the world. This could be conducted by either decreasing the population, for better demonstration — setting strict boundaries for the maximum members of a household, or further investing in infrastructure and building supplementary career routes for people to strive on. Hiring people in schools for vital, educational purposes would not only come across as constructive towards the people in need but to the future representatives of today’s society, children, as well. In addition, the government may extensively aid the poor by increasing their wages, being more deserving of the blood, sweat, and tears they put into their jobs. The nation may propose a more profitable immigration reform since countless workers can not fulfill their obligations as citizens of a certain country because they do not possess the required documents. Furthermore, diminishing poverty taxes will appear rather helpful to alleviate the obstacle. Regardless, the efforts of the government unaccompanied would be insufficient to thoroughly combat poverty, so it’s indispensable that we start to take action too. Disclosing the slightest possible financial support, such as providing the poor with a little portion of your food, may be an act of pure enlightenment in their eyes. Conveying emotional solace by expressing the poor compassion, empathy, and respect, or listening to them, would be one of the best ways to help the ones in need. Although there had been tremendous actions taken in the past, records substantiate that there are still urgent actions to generate. There has been an evident advancement among the public concern towards the subject over time — and it is for the best that we start to devise more intellectual approaches for the termination of the threat. Our posterity and the planet depend on us, and we are obliged to satisfy a secure future for either of them!Simply press the button, and we’ll handle the rest!


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