Why Grades Are Important for College Athletes Essay Example

Why Grades Are Important for College Athletes Essay Example

Back in time, there were no rules concerning sports and academics; if one wished to play, there were no requirements regarding grades and test scores. However, times have changed and so has the views on this subject matter. According to NAIA, a website for student athletes, the prerequisites among graduating high school and having good standing, is to receive a minimum of an 18 on the ACT exam and no less than an 860 on the SAT (NAIA 3). These series of academic obligations are vital to not only the student athlete but to the entirety of the student body as they bring balance to sport related activities and academics. There is no doubt that student athletes enjoy their sports and activities, but thanks to the rules and state laws placed down on these individuals, not only can they exercise and improve their body, but their mind as well. For example, in my high school, it is quite common to see these athletes in every other classroom, all striving for that C grade average or above. Towards the end of the six weeks, when grades are finalized, it is also a common sight to see these individuals, among the ‘A-plus kids’, lined up at the teacher’s desk, waiting to check their grades; the factor that will determine their eligibility to play sports. One can determine how their grades are by the behaviors expressed by the athletes soon after realizing their grades. If they are passing, they will usually do that ‘yes!’ that they do to let the whole class that they are passing and feel good that they will have a chance to score a goal, touchdown, etc and conversely, if they are below that C, one of two things will occur: they will begin to argue with the teacher that they totally did their work, they deserve that 100 on that paper they left aside while viewing some kids Snapchats, or they will accept that they were irresponsible, not without a fight of course, and beg for extra credit. These of course are the two methods I have seen personally occur, and I realize that this isn’t completely true for other parts, but again, for the majority, they’re there! These are also the reason why these laws must continue to stand as a point in which athletes must reach before able to qualify to participate in sports. These laws are there to keep the minds of student athletes sharp. It forces them to pay attention, because if they do not, they do not play, and no athlete wants to hear that they were cut from Varsity for having a D in Algebra or English. Another reason as to why minimum test scores are necessary to the overall function of the campus is for these said student athletes to keep their egos balanced; avoid the students from thinking they are above non athletic students. For instance, it’s obvious what would occur if there were no rules for athletes limiting their sport related activities. School work and related tasks would be put as a second priority, they would see no reason to complete the works, being a nuisance for teachers and classmates actually trying to learn off of the lessons. One could imagine the tribulations that would arise within the class. But again, all thanks to these laws that were approved, these issues can now be prevented. Worried that they’ll be placed off the team, they are forced to do the work given by the instructors and complete them without opposition. They have to keep their attitude straight, on level with the others in close proximity because they are no better as a person than the others. Just because they can shoot a hoop does not make them a better person. These specific set of rules keep student athletes in check. Keeping them in check to avoid said problems mentioned previously. All of this is taken into consideration when the laws were made. They were made for a specific purpose; to avoid problems arising, and clearly breaking the rules will no doubt lead to tribulations within the school body. The final reason for why the nation; every single school, needs these set of rules and laws is to aid develop these athlete’s ability to balance multiple activities and functions of their life. Clearly, everybody needs to have a healthy balance in their life; homeostasis, but this balance not only falls for the body, but the mind as well. For example, at one point of my life, in my freshman year of high school, I participated in the band available. I unfortunately had to leave but no doubt that I learned many things, including the need to balance my activities and life. I had to prioritize my academics because I wished to be part of the best band or closest and I also yearned to participate in the UIL that the bands take part in yearly. I soon learned to be more organized as well; even today I keep a to-do list that reminds me of my missing assignments and aids in keeping me on track with my school work and anything else related. The rule that we need to keep a C grade average applies for band as well so I can be  sure that athletes go through the same situation and although might not have a to-do list, have to learn to balance their lives and the aspects of it as well. Athletes might not realize it but band, clubs, organizations have the same minimum grade rules, the entire state has it, and maybe even the nation but they, together as a whole, have to educate themselves to balance their lives.Although many will say that sports and related activities are necessary for the body and to learn specific skills not learned in studies, the student athletes need to make their academic lives a priority before shooting hoops, because the world needs to face that today in the reality of today’s world, very few make it to be the next Michael Jordan without education. Today, there is no opposition, there is no room for any. The laws have been set and athletes need to follow them for their own good. To stay in focus with their academics, to keep their egos in check, and finally to aid these students to learn to be a functional adult and be able to balance the different aspects of their lives. All of these reasons are valid in that athletes today can have a plan B just in case they don’t succeed in being a famous athlete; they can go on with their lives and acquire well paying dream jobs to maintain themselves and remain as successful members of society.


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