We Should Have the Right for Carrying Weapons. The Drawbacks of Gun Control Essay Example

We Should Have the Right for Carrying Weapons. The Drawbacks of Gun Control Essay Example

The issue of gun control came to worldwide attention when school and mass shooting started to happen more often and became a problem. The citizens of the United States keep coming back to the idea of repealing the Second Amendment. We should not repeal the Second Amendment for a number of reasons, including, but not limited to, citizens protecting themselves, gun control isn’t working, and killers are always going to find some way to kill. The first argument in support of not repealing the Second Amendment is that law-abiding citizens should be allowed to protect themselves. Some people live in not so good places and need protection. Others live in nice places, but crime is still normal. According to Erich Pratt, “…where citizens can protect themselves, the situation is much different. Within the past month, two potential mass shootings were averted by law-abiding citizens who used their concealed firearms.” This evidence is in support of my reason, because it shows how much the Second Amendment is used and put to use. If those law-abiding citizens didn’t have their concealed firearms on them at the time we would have lost more lives in this world, more families suffering and hurting, and just another sad story on the news. Erich Pratt said, “Gun-free zones are magnets for killers. Consider that almost 98 percent of public mass shootings in this country occur in these mandatory victim zones.” This evidence once again shows that in these areas law-abiding citizens are not allowed to have their concealed firearm so that’s why these killers are attracted to those areas. Yes, I agree that there are some areas that have no need for firearms and there should absolutely be none brought there, but in our world today, you have to be careful with every step you make, or you could die. And that’s just how our society is today in modern time.                     The next argument for not repealing the Second Amendment is that gun control isn’t working. Our country has tried and tried to fix this problem of school and mass shootings but nothing is working. If stricter gun control hasn’t been working, then repealing the Second Amendment won’t either because people are just going to use other ways to keep doing these things. Erich Pratt stated “nevermind the fact that Wednesday’s shooting occurred in a state that imposes some of the strictest gun control laws in the country…none of these draconian restrictions stopped Wednesday’s shooter.” This is significant because even in the states with the strictest gun control in the country killers are still finding ways to kill people and do what they want to do. In fact, there is less mass shooting in states with a lower rating in gun control than there is in states with a high-grade in gun control.           The third and final argument in this controversial debate is that no matter what we do, killers will always find some way to kill others. Even if they cannot get a hold of a gun they’re going to find something. No matter what we do, they’re going to always find some way, or somehow to hurt others by. Erich Pratt states, “We will never rid ourselves of one basic problem: Bad guys with evil intent will always acquire some kind of “weapon” to commit violence.” This is true because these people will always find a way. No matter what happens if their intent is to kill then they will always find a way to do so. According to oxplore.org “…the chances are that not being able to get their hands on a gun wouldn’t stop them killing – it would just force them to find a different weapon. Because the fact is that most mass killers don’t kill because they happen to stumble across a gun – they kill for some other reason.” We can’t just take away all the harmful things in the world such as kitchen knives. They can be very harmful if they are used in the wrong way and people can kill other people with them but nobody’s fussing about them. Even a car ride can end up killing you in the blink of an eye. If we took everything, even remotely harmful away we’d have nothing left. Just like that Lichtenstein knife, or the car you ride in every day, guns can be useful too. They protect us, they give us food. So once again, yes guns can be harmful used in the wrong way, but if you take a step back and look at the big picture, isn’t everything?          It can be argued that gun control will fix everything and make it way harder to get guns. They also say this will decrease the amount of deaths in the U.S. Once again, there are other ways for killers to cause deaths. Suicide bombings hijacked plane crashes are just two examples of how killers have caused deaths. Erich Pratt says “This includes using a truck to kill eight and injure 11 in New York City last year, or wielding box cutters or knives to murder roughly 3,000 on 9/11. Sadly, USA TODAY’s Editorial Board wants to merely focus on just one instrument–the gun.” There are so many ways for people to keep killing people. Guns are not the only problem here. John Kennedy said “the solution to the problem of mass murders isn’t to trample on the Second Amendment by restricting law-abiding citizens’ to access guns. That would be like repealing the First Amendment because of a few unscrupulous journalists make up stories. We don’t need stricter gun laws. We need to more strictly enforce the laws that exist. And, we need authorities to actually do something when red flags are raised.” I agree with this 100% because it’s true. No one would repeal the First Amendment just because of some people making up fake stories. We have millions of those in the world, but yet nothing has been done about that to the extent of how people are trying to repeal the amendment.           With repealing the Second Amendment, comes a great deal of issues like I have stated in the article. People think that it will solve everything and there would be no more deaths caused by firearms. Or that people will just stop trying to kill. However, there are a lot of people in the world that have guns, some with more than one or two, and people will still either find a way to get a gun or choose another weapon of choice. In conclusion, I do not think the Second Amendment should be repealed. What’s your opinion?


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