The Positive And Negative Sides of Cell Phones Essay Example

The Positive And Negative Sides of Cell Phones Essay Example

Imagine a world without cell phones! No instagram, facetime, or music streaming services.Cell Phones changed everything once they became smart. According to , “By the year 2000, 100 million people in the United States and a billion worldwide were using cell phones—not just talking on them but also playing games, getting information off the Internet, and using the keyboard to send short text message”.People without cars had to walk to eat food if theywanted food from fast food. On the other hand, People can now order Mcdonalds and have it delivered to their doorstep. Cell Phones Have Changed Society And Made Our Lives Easier Forever!Society is so different and reliant on  phones that people are committing suicide due to Cyberbullying . Kids don’t play outside , go camping , or create fun adventurous games with each other .In the future , Many people believe that we won’t even have to leave the house for work, instead we’ll work from an app on a cell phone. Some teens and adults  have long-distance relationships and meet by the phone. Schools required you to use a phone or tablet for your school work. Families don’t even sit at the table anymore. Kids will sit in a room together and won’t even say one word to each other. Things have changed in a very enormous way during the 21st century! A great question to ask  is “Are cell phones the main reason that society has changed in such of a large way”? There are pros and cons to cell phones being in the modern world. According to, 6.8 billion people live on this planet named Earth (Smith , 2012). Only 3.5 billion of them use toothbrushes, but 4 billion use mobile phones. That statistic there alone shows how important cell phones are in this day and age . People would rather use a device more than cleaning their own teeth in their mouth.  Kids in schools even tend to sneak and get on their phones during class hours . Teenage suicide rates are at an all-time high due to cyberbullying. According to Wikipedia ,  Cyber bullying or cyber harassment is a form of bullying or harassment using electronic means. It has become increasingly common, especially among teenagers. Harmful bullying behavior can include posting rumors, threats, sexual remarks, a victim’s’ personal information, or pejorative labels (i.e., hate speech). The Megan Meier Foundation website stated an average of 1 person every 12.8 minutes killed themselves and an average of 1 younger person every 1 hour and 48 minutes killed themselves in 2014 (Drapeau & McIntosh, 2015).Suicide is the 2nd ranking cause of death for individuals 15-24 years of age – homicides ranked 3rd (Drapeau & McIntosh, 2015). I see people get bullied online all of the time. In the past, teenagers didn’t have to worry about so much going on. Cell phones are the most important thing in our lives these days. When people embarrass us on social media  , we really are emotionally hurt .My generation often listen to older people describe life without phones and life seemed so much more plain and grey without smartphones. Older people think that people would have better face-to-face conversations with each other if phones just stayed the way they were in the nineteen-nineties without all of these futuristic features. Our society is so connected into our phones that the world probably shut down if phones stopped working.  Cell Phones are so getting more advanced day by day! In the 18th century , Cell Phones were a futuristic idea. . Once it was created , People never even imagined  the device called the cell phone to become so advanced . The only phones that people had were their house phone or a pay phone. A device called a beeper was required to alert you when someone wanted to contact you and you weren’t home. The only features that a phone had in its early days were talking to someone on the other end.  In this day in age, some people own two phones or more. Thirty-eight years later, Cell Phones can be used to control drones , drive cars and spread news in a matter of seconds . By using social media or other outlets, Phones can even make you rich in a couple of seconds. Doctors even use phones in certain operations.  Can you even imagine society without advanced cell phones ? In two thousand and eighteen, We are living in the age of tomorrow.Technology is very important in present day . Cell phones make our life a whole lot easier. In the past , People use to have paper maps that was used for finding where to go while traveling or asked someone to help them. In present time, We use our apps on our phones that tell us where to go. The app even speaks to us as if it is a real person . Since cell phones became smart, Society never gets bored nowadays . Our cell phones can hold or connect to an endless amount of entertainment.Thanks to streaming audio,  it’s possible to listen to music, watch movies, read e-books, browse the web, interact with others and play games in just a few taps. People use to have to wait for the local five-o-clock news station ,the newspaper or word of mouth to hear news. Nowadays ! When something such as a major crisis happens , Everyone goes on their cell phones and look it up in seconds. According to a Pew Research Center survey of U.S. adults. The survey finds that roughly eight-in-ten Americans are now online shoppers: 79% have made an online purchase of any type, while 51% have bought something using a cellphone and 15% have made purchases by following a link from social media sites. When the Center first asked about online shopping in a June 2000 survey, just 22% of Americans had made a purchase online. In other words, today nearly as many Americans have made purchases directly through social media platforms as had engaged in any type of online purchasing behavior 16 years ago ( Smith and Anderson ,2016). That quote from the Pew Research Center shows how much society has progressed. Thanks to cell phones, Everyone in the world can communicate with each other in a matter of seconds. People from all over the world have formed friendships with each other.Thanks to cell  phones! Troops are able to talk to their families and family members who live far away can talk to each other faster than ever before.  Patients can call their doctors office and schedule appointments instead of having to drive to the doctors  office.You can purchase your movie tickets ahead of time. Some filmmakers shoot and edit movies and music videos with their cell phones.You can even fly drones with a cell phone. Phones even control lights, the room temperature,and garage door .Some people record music with their cell phone. While researching, You’ll find numerous of interesting statistics about cell phones. The Pew Internet website stated,”51% of cell owners used their phone to get information they needed right away – 42% used their phone for entertainment when they were bored, and 40% were in an emergency situation in which having their phone with them really helped “.The more advanced Cell phone get they have a greater  positive effect on society .On the other hand, Cell phones do have cons because people may get addicted to their cell phones plus other harmful things. Older people describe life without phones and life seemed so much more interesting without smartphones. People would have better face-to-face conversations with each other if phones just stayed the way they were in the nineteen-nineties without all of these futuristic features. In the nineteen-nineties , Today’s teens , also known as Generation Z, would have been great without a smartphone. Can you imagine society without cell phones? In two thousand and nineteen, We are living in the age of tomorrow. Technology is very important in present day. My friend, Daryion Lewis believes self-esteem issues are very common causes of cell phone apps, such as instagram, facebook , and snapchat . Visualize yourself being on your phone seeing everyone praise a certain body-type other then yours all day long . It isn’t nothing necessarily wrong with your body type cause God created us in his own image. Teens see models on their cell phones and start to wonder why they don’t look like them instead of being happy with their own body. Society worries about being accepted by the world instead of being accepted by the people closest to them. Beautiful people have low self-esteem cause they believe that only a certain type of bodily features are beautiful because of smartphone applications. Penn State University’s website stated that  USA Today asked 23 Chicago college students about social media and 20 out of 23 students believed social media caused anxiety or added stress to an individual’s life. One female college student believed that social media adds a lot of pressure to be the perfect person because that’s how individuals can make themselves look online. According to, Approximately 80% of U.S. women don’t like how they look, 34% of men are dissatisfied with their body , and 70% of normal weighted women want to be thinner( Gallivan ,2014). Cell phones may fix tons of problems for society but they also produce negative problems for society. Cell phones have pros and cons on society. There has been a rise in teen suicides that are connected to social media (New York Post).Humiliating someone in front of everybody on social media is terrible. I asked my peers ,” Do you think cell phones changed society ?”, They all said ,”Yes!”, Everybody has different options concerning society and cell phones. Many believe without phones the human race would be stuck behind technological wise . On the other hand, Kids get famous overnight due to cell phones . Some get famous by showing their musical talent .Some People even start their own online businesses . People,like India love, get famous for absolutely nothing .They usually get all type of business offers by getting a large following on social media . Everyday ! Something new happens with society on the web . I wonder what or who will Be the next big thing . The world is ran/influenced by technology, such as cell phones .Imagine where humans would be doing if we didn’t have cell phones! This is the most advanced society to ever step on planet earth .Cell phones are changing the world as we know it so embrace them or get left in the past


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