The Declining of the Population of Monarchs Essay Example

The Declining of the Population of Monarchs Essay Example

Although the monarchs’ population is declining rapidly, there is still enough time for everyone and different organizations to help keep them alive. The percentage is at a 90% decline on a 20-year average according to scientist and researchers(Mizejewski, David). The wake-up call that pollinators is going extinct has always been a scare for a while. The technology that is available to make others aware of the downfall of monarch butterfly population should be used to educate the world. The monarch butterflies are a major pollinator for the United States and with them dying off it is going to cause more problems with the food chain and putting more stress on other pollinators like bumble bees. If actions are taken responsibly and fast, the number of decreasing butterflies can change and with help from organizations, governments, and individuals. Help from everyone will cause a chain reaction and as a nation the butterflies can be saved for kids of future generations to enjoy by their beautiful colors and sounds they(these butterflies) make. The causes of the population decline is(are), climate change, pesticides, and lack of milkweed. That would cause ecosystems to die, agriculture to slow down, and the beginning of a dying planet. The solutions to these problems are to take a stand to prevent climate change, plant more milkweed, and for farmers to keep pesticides away from the plant.Monarch butterflies have three reasons to population decline and they have been happening for many years. They (These three reasons) have continued to be a recurring issues and finally have reached a point where it is devastating to the monarchs and if actions aren’t taken soon will affect the planet as well. Climate change, pesticides, and lack of milkweed are the three issues to the decline in population, and those will affect, agriculture, ecosystems, and a dying planet. Climate change plays a role because as people urbanize the planet more they are taking the homes of many animals and causing them to move because there(their) homes are being destroyed. Not only are their homes being compromised but also it affects the planet with global warming and overwintering. Monarch butterflies rely on temperature cues for when they need to migrate, breed, eat, and when it is not normal for the pattern they follow they will die. The delicate little creatures also are having their plant killed immediately by a pesticide called glyphosate. Farmers use this pesticide on their crops to prevent bugs from eating affecting there(their) plants and milkweed just happens to be collateral damage. The last but not least problem is lack of milkweed in Mexico and throughout the United States. There is (insufficient amount of) milkweed due to deforestation in Mexico and the United States, and overwintering due to climate change. The way these can be solved is(are)by having cities, states, governments, organizations, schools, and individual’s plant milkweed in a pesticide free garden. Keep pesticides away from the plant at all cost(s) and have farmers be more aware of the problem. Last but not(the) least take a stand on wanting to slow down climate change and help be a more positive cause in saving the world.A problem that seems to be causing many others because of how much it means to the planet and that is climate change. Climate change is not something that can be just(simply) prevented 100% in the matter of a couple years but is a problem that takes numbers and time to slow down. Climate change effects other animals as well(like) in the way they migrate, breed, and eat depending on the weather. Climate change in no way can be stopped completely and fixed, but can be slowed down and prevented from becoming worse. According to the article “Top Ten Things You Can Do About Climate Change” David Suzuki mentions a couple of those; which are, “Renewable energy, Meat free diet, and a green commute”(Suzuki). These would not only help the monarchs but also the world because monarchs are not the only insect that needs our help, but by doing this it will help from turning the planet to dust but allow it to do its natural course for the creatures on the planet without anything affecting it. Monarchs rely on temperature changes for migration, Haley stated in the article, “8 Ways You Can Help Save The Monarch Butterflies”  Rabic, talked about many way(s) to help save monarchs and one is to “ Join the Fight to Stop Climate Change” she also mentions, “ With colder winters and drier summers not only is the migration at risk, but the life of the butterfly could be threatened by changes in habitat and milkweed availability”(Rabic). The climate change does not only affect butter(flys) migration cycle but it also affects where they can find healthy milkweed to call home for the time(for now) being before then start moving again to stay alive. Climate change does not only affect monarch butterflies but affects the rest(the remaining)of the world, a stand must be taken to start to save the world and the monarchs.Secondly, a more obvious solution to help prevent the decline in monarch population is planting more milkweed throughout the United States and in Mexico where they originally come from. By planting more milkweed in general it would cause more homes for the monarch family when they do migrate but also, could be a really strong educational standpoint for schools and a great community leadership by some mayors. In the article “Denver Mayor Michael B. Handcock…”, Handcock takes the national wildlife pledge for the monarchs, and the article reads, “Mayor Hancock’s pledge marks the first time the pledge has been taken by a mayor in Colorado, and Denver is the largest city in the Rocky Mountain Region to do so”(“Denver Mayor…”). This is an empowering movement that(which) can start a chain reaction throughout the United States that could put a end to the population declining. The article further continues to talk about what is going to be done and is stated, “Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR) continues to renovate gardens throughout the Denver park system to incorporate native pollinator plants, shrubs, perennials and milkweed, the monarch caterpillar’s exclusive food source”(“Denver Mayor…”). The pledge that the Mayor of Denver made is an eye opener to other Mayors because it stands for a strong political edge on further elections. Pushing organizations, companies, and others throughout the world, that by working together, people can make a positive impact in the world they live in. The monarch butterflies can be saved!Lastly, pesticides are the leading cause to the death of milkweed with deforestation right behind. Glyphosate is the leading pesticide that is killing the homes of the monarchs when it is being collateral damage from being put on Round-Up ready corn. The farmers are not aiming to destroy milkweed on purpose they are just(simply) trying to save their crops from being eaten by insects. There have been rumors that on the migration path from Mexico to Canada that people that have pledged to save the monarchs have made pesticide free milkweed weigh stations. So, that the butterflies have a place to stop throughout the journey they make. According to the article, “Christie Administration Publishes…”, Christie makes a list of ways to help stop the decline in population for the monarch butterflies, and she states, “Keep butterfly gardens pesticide free, or at least avoid pesticides that contain glyphosate, the active ingredient in certain herbicides, or pesticides known as neonicotinoids, and create buffer zones between areas treated with pesticides and natural areas, where milkweed and other nectar-producing plants may grow” (“Christie Administration Publishes…”). Farmers that are educated about the population decline in monarchs have started to create buffer zones where pesticides do not come in contact with milkweed.  These actions that are being taken will help the endangered monarchs and, it will also grow awareness for them and hopefully others on the migration cycle from Mexico to Canada will do the same. Another publisher also mentions(mentioned) ways to keep pesticides away from milkweed in his article, “ Six Ways to Save Monarchs”, David Mizejewski has two strong points and those are, “…making a commitment to not use pesticides in small gardens that have milkweed, and join the national wildlife monarch pledge”(Mizejewski). By listening to these  researchers like Christie, David, and Haley and doing the small suggestions they made, this population decline can come to an end. Like Mizejewski said, “ make the commitment” to stop pesticides, join the fight, and plant more milkweed.Overall, the population of the monarchs declining is an eye opener, and it also has the ability to unite the entire world, and have everyone do something small to help the monarchs not be endangered. By using the technology that is available, it can make the problem of  the population decline more aware to the rest of the United States so that more people can help make a difference.  The world’s agriculture, ecosystems, and life of the planet lies in the hands of the communities that want to help. The solutions to climate change, lack of milkweed, and over use of pesticides can be slowed down or prevented by, taking actions to stop climate change, planting more milkweed, keeping glyphosate away from the plants, and last, but not least educating the world about how serious the issue is. This is the time to make a difference, and for the voices of the people to help save the monarch butterflies from going extinct on this planet. Save the monarchs!


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