The Comparison of Video Games And Real Sport Essay Example

The Comparison of Video Games And Real Sport Essay Example

James Naismith is the founder and originator of basketball. It began at a local college in Springfield Massachusetts around the years of 1891-1892 at the Ymca. Naismith took two peach baskets and nailed them to the lower rails of the gymnasium on both sides of the court. During that time one man was stationed at each goal to get the ball out of the peach baskets when they shot it, years later they discovered to cut the bottom of the baskets so that it can go through instead of just taking it out every possession. Furthermore, Naismith discovered a fundamental game for the YMCA which would start a brand new game that would grow to a much larger game that we all know today, which is Basketball. Basketball has grown tremendously since the founding of Naismith and has developed many fundamentals of the game of basketball. To describe these is by putting an offensive side and a defensive side. Both are very useful if you use them correctly. The offensive side is where you can be dribbled, shoot, pass, and make layups, on the apologetic side it is to block, guard, and rebound, all of these fundamentals are key components of basketball. Basketball is an extremely intense game that is very competitive, it can lead to a high level or a low level, these go from elementary, middle school, high school, college, and the NBA. The Nba stands for National Basketball Association which is the highest level of basketball you can play, the Nba started June 6, 1946, in New York City, this league is a  professional league filled with talented players, coaches, and etc. Before it was called the Nba there was a three-year fight between both players and fans to either call the game of basketball either call it BAA ( Basketball Association of America ) or NBL ( National Basketball League ) which would, later on, be formed into the Nba. The Nba has 30 teams that compete for one goal which is the Nba finals. The finals are the team who wins over all the other teams during the regular season and playoff season. These two seasons are different level in competition, one is to play and win most of your games in order to qualify for the playoffs, in this season you can play Melo-tone, in the playoff season you play more aggressively and harder because you’re competing for the finals. In this both these seasons you can win various awards, for example, the Mvp award is considered to be the most valuable player which means you played your best among others, there’re also finals MVP which is where you played your best in the finals. Furthermore, there are many other awards and rings you can also win by achieving either victory or self-development like rookie of the year, sixth man of the year, a championship ring and etc.Video games are motion pictures that are posted on a television screen, that many kids and adults enjoy. Video games were founded by Physicists William Higinbotham in 1958 which was seen as the first video game ever. It was associated with the 1970s video game pong. The game was called Tennis for two, the way you play would be to move the analog stick up and down and down, the objective of the game was an attempt to score past the player, almost exactly like tennis. Furthermore, this innovative game set up the future for all games that have passed and to come. In this day in age, we have numerous different consoles, companies, and game that are different and unique in their own way, most of these companies are a top seller in their product and in the video game industry as well. Xbox, Nintendo, and PlayStation are the top three developers that put out amazing game all over the country. Each is set at one in its own way and very different from one another. Xbox mainly focuses on developing a better console system and cloud-based information to help more gamers have better storage in the cloud, Playstation works on its a console as well but not as much as Xbox, they work on creating better graphics games that can bring live motion picture into reality. Nintendo works on just developing as a company and beating the extra competition they have with Xbox and PlayStation. They always want to also create more online gameplay as well.Online gaming is a way where you can get access to play with other people around the world and interact with one another and can either become friends enemies, it’s mostly used to play online with friends, watch movies, or interact with people around the world in your own home. Awhile ago video game use to not be a game due to lack of entertainment, excitement, and competition but over the years video game companies wanted to change that rule and make it an official game and broadcast it live on television just like a regular game. So Activision Blizzard gaming company set up a regional tournament and asks gamers from all around the world to come here and join, they noticed the profit and outbreak of this and talked to ESPN. Once considered by the sports company Esports was born, Esports is a competitive gaming sport where elite participants from other gaming companies compete to win a grand prize of money and respect, this prize is worth over five-hundred thousand dollars and can be used to brand the company more so when they win. Furthermore, games are utilized in a fun way to relax or be competitive.Basketball and Video games are both alike by them both knowing worldwide, each is known very well and is utilized almost every day, game is also sold around the world same as basketball tickets are, both are very popular in their own way. There are also pro and non pro leagues where you can compete, in basketball, the pro league is the NBA in Video it’s Esports, both are very competitive and have only one goal and that’s to win. In the non-pro league video games are just for fun and so is basketball because you’re just enjoying most of it instead of competing. Both of the subjects have combined together to make a game called NBA 2k which is a basketball game filled with pro-athletes in the NBA, they take the exact information of the team, fans, coach, and all the other attributes of the NBA and form it all into one game and publish it worldwide. Another similarity is by having fun and trash talking, both are in this category and do a lot of it, games talk about other players and how bad they are as much as people playing basketball, but it’s all in good fun of the sport and gamE. All in all both of this topic are different but yet the same in a different ways.


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