The Comparison of Rich and Poverty Essay Example

The Comparison of Rich and Poverty Essay Example

In today’s society there are a lot of people who live in poverty and also that live in a rich environment. What does it mean been rich? Well being rich is on people’s economic status like their possessions and sees what they have and that’s how we tell from the rich from the poor. However the rich and the poor have some similarities and differences. Also, many of us don’t stop and see both sides of the stories which both can be very challenging. Where these can affect when you are meting new people, the way you live and all the stress you get through out life.First of all, being rich can be very nice but when it comes to meeting new people you might wonder if they are being so nice or friendly because they are very interested in the person you are or because of the money you have. Otherwise, living in poverty if you run into the same scenario of meeting new people you won’t have to worry about if they talk to you because of your money but because they want to talk to you. In addition, some rich people who meet new people first they look to see if the people meet their standards on the level which they think they are in. however, not all rich people are like that there is some that are rich but they still humble. Meanwhile, the person who live in poverty will talk to anyone not matter   how they look meaning they don’t have no standards. However, living in poverty can be very difficult. For example, people who live in poverty have very small homes, not very nice shoes or clothing. Also they only live day for day meaning that they don’t have any money left over where they can save or spend it on what they want like the rich do. Also, they hardly have enough money to eat for the month while the rich pay thousands of money for one meal. Further more, the rich gets lots of money with hardly working a sweat meanwhile the poor work long hard working hours for to little of a pay. Also, living in poverty people can not afford to go on vacation better say they had never had a vacation day in their lives like the rich people do.On the other hand, the people living in poverty and also the rich have a big tendency to have stress through out their life. For example, the rich have lots of stress over running their business and making sure they don’t go broke or that no one tries to steel from them. Also they get lots of stress from making all the payments right or also trying not to get sue by an employee or individual. Otherwise, the poor also has stress in a different way where they have to make sure there is food in the table for their family and to make sure they have a roof on top of their heads and also trying to make a better life for them self’s but really hard to do when money it’s a problem.In conclusion, there is lots of people who live in poverty and also people who are rich. Also, if you live in either one of this life’s all I can say they both are very challenging and what can we say life its hard and everyone just got to keep going to be able to survive. If you are rich or poor all I can say is to enjoy life while we can just because we never know when we going to be gone.


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