Systems Development Life Cycle

Systems Development Life Cycle

Systems Development Life Cycle,Portfolio Assignment: The Role of the Nurse Informaticist in Systems Development and Implementation Assume you are a nurse manager on a unit where a new nursing documentation system is to be implemented. You want to ensure that the system will be usable and acceptable for the nurses impacted. You realize a nurse leader must be on the implementation team. To Prepare: Review the steps of the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and reflect on the scenario presented. Consider the benefits and challenges associated with involving a nurse leader on an implementation team for health information technology. The Assignment: (2-3 pages) In preparation of filling this role, develop a 2- to 3-page role description for a graduate-level nurse to guide his/her participation on the implementation team. The role description should be based on the SDLC stages and tasks and should clearly define how this individual will participate in and impact each of the following steps: Planning and requirements definition Analysis Design of the new system Implementation Post-implementation support Systems Development Life Cycle,ORDER A PLAGIARISM – FREE PAPER HERE,The Role of the Nurse Informaticist/ Nurse Leader in the Development and Implementation of a New System: The Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC),For a long time the healthcare sector remained sceptical in adopting technology to assist in the effective delivery of healthcare services. This was until it became apparent to everyone that the world was moving on to another era of technology-driven service delivery and that healthcare practices were becoming obsolete without the adoption of technology. According to Ozair et al. (2015), the introduction of the different types of electronic health records (EHRs) from different vendors was a milestone in the improvement of the quality of healthcare and the storage and access to patient data. As a matter of fact, the signing of the Health Information and Technology for Economic Clinical Health Act (HITECH) in the year 2009 proved to be a watershed moment for technology in healthcare. This piece of legislative policy allowed for the provision of financial incentives to providers who embraced the use of EHRs as a way of encouraging more adoption and implementation of technology in healthcare (Sweeney, 2017). But behind all this, there has always been the realization and appreciation that nurses must be put in the forefront of any development and implementation of any health information system (HIS) adoption initiative. This is because they form the single largest cohort of users of any HIS adopted by a healthcare institution (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2017). This paper examines the role of the nurse in the adoption and implementation of a health information system such as an EHR, following particular stages of the system development life cycle (SDLC).  Systems Development Life Cycle,The Role of the Nurse (Graduate Nurse Informaticist/ Nurse Manager) in the Systems Development Life Cycle,The SDLC is a definite process that can be divided into stages through which a new technology system must go before it becomes accepted and fully functional in an organization. In any healthcare organization, nurses are the largest number of end-users that will make use of the HIS daily in their patient care tasks. This is because a majority of the system interfaces such as the electronic medical record (EMR), bar code medication administration (BCMA), and automated medication dispensing cabinets (ADCs) will involve nurses inputting data. For this reason, it is crucial that a nurse informaticist or nurse manager be involved throughout the process of the system development or the SDLC. Below is a discussion of the role of the nurse in the development and implementation of a new system in an organization in the states of (i) planning and requirements definition, (ii) analysis, (iii) design of the novel HIS, (iv) implementation of the system, and (v) post-implementation support (Vivian & Edward, 2019).,Role During Planning and Requirements Definition,Involvement of the nurse informaticist in this phase of the SDLC is crucially important since this is the step that determines what will be included in the system design and what will be left out. And as has already been stated above, nurses being the largest group of users of the new system their perspective must be included if the system is to succeed. It takes a nurse to understand if a particular feature of a system will function in practice or not from a nurse’s viewpoint. Other team members may just take the system at face value, but including the nurse informaticist will provide a level of reality check on the functionality of the system in the clinical area (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2017). Systems Development Life Cycle,Role in the Analysis Phase,For the same reasons presented above, the nurse informaticist or nurse manager must be involved in the analysis phase of the system for the impractical features of the system not to be included. She must be allowed to fully examine and analyze the system plan and requirements laid down so that she can give the go-ahead that the system will indeed work well from a nursing perspective or point of view. Not including her may therefore lead to the adoption of a system that turns out to be of practically no use to nurses, hence the loss of money. This is true because if nurses cannot practically use a system to capture patient data, then the system is as good as useless for the organization.,Role in the Design Phase,Building on the same reasons for inclusion of the nurse informaticist in the SDLC described above, the nurse must also be consulted during the system design phase. This is a crucial phase as this is the period of time that the actual system concept is put into reality or actualized. Even though the nurse informaticist will have participated in the previous stages, she needs to be included in this stage too as this is the time that she may spot some small unworkable detail that may have been overlooked initially.,Role in the System Implementation Phase,The system implementation phase is the moment of truth. This is the time that the new system is put to the test and the nurse informaticist/ nurse manager becomes even more important in ensuring that the system actually works for the nurses. For this reason, they must be involved so that they can mobilize the nursing workforce to try the new system out and give their feedback for any corrections to be made.,Role in the Post-Implementation Support Phase,After successful implementation of the system, the nurse informaticist will need to be kept in the team that oversees the post-implementation period as well as maintenance of the system. This is to ensure that her input during the previous phases that resulted in the development of a successful system is not watered down giving rise to system malfunctions/ problems. Systems Development Life Cycle,Conclusion,Involving a nurse during the phases of development and adoption of a new technology system in the healthcare organization is a very important initiative. This is because majority of the end-users of the system in the organization will inevitably be nurses. For this reason, their input must be taken into account to make sure the new system will indeed function and suit the organization’s needs from a nursing standpoint.,References,McGonigle, D., & Mastrian, K.G. (2017). Nursing informatics and the foundation of knowledge, 4th ed. Jones & Bartlett Learning.,Ozair, F.F., Jamshed, N., Sharma, A. & Aggarwal, P. (2015). Ethical issues in electronic health records: A general overview. Perspectives in Clinical Research, 6(2), 73–76.,Sweeney, J. (2017). Healthcare informatics. Online Journal of Nursing Informatics (OJNI), 21(1).,Vivian, S., & Edward, B. (2019). Building informatics-savvy health departments: The systems development life cycle. Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, 25(6), 610-611.,Systems Development Life Cycle, 

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