Speech Example On Space Research

Speech Example On Space Research

Space is dark, quiet, and full of mysteries. Part of what makes it so mysterious is the many unknown variables. However, it is also filled with many known wonders. Hello my name is Allison Vaughn and I am going to talk to you about astrophysics, Newton’s theory of gravity, Eddington’s discovery on why stars shine, and the first picture of a black hole. First thing you should know is that astrophysics is a branch of astronomy that focuses on the physical nature of stars, planets, and other celestial bodies. Now that we have that out of the way one of the most known theories that is associated with astrophysics is Newton’s theory of gravity. Newton’s theory of gravity states that every particle attracts every other particle in the universe with a force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between their centers. It’s a mouthful but, it basically says that the force we call gravity holds the entire universe together! About 300 years later, in 1926 an astronomer by the name of Eddington discovered the science behind stars. One of the biggest mysteries in astronomy at this time was the reason behind why stars shined. There were many different theories over time but they were just theories, not fact. Eddington, however, finally got the truth. After he calculated the balance between gravity holding stars together and nuclear energy tending to blow them apart, huge amounts of research have led to sufficient understanding of stars While both of the following discoveries happened some time ago, this next one happened in 2019. When you think of black holes you most likely think of, a black hole. An empty void of nothingness. Did you know it was only until two years when we learned what a black hole really looked like? While the pictures are blurry we can clearly see that this black hole isn’t actually that dark. There is a small, black circle that is almost in the exact middle and it is surrounded by an orange hue. While this is just one black hole out of the trillions of ones in the universe it certainly doesn’t look like I imagined it. Black holes have been around since, well forever, and this shows us exactly how much more we can learn about the universe that surrounds us. These 3 findings were only a small fraction of the known wonders of the universe. While some of it is known there are still planets and entire galaxies waiting to be discovered! As Carl Sagan once said “Somewhere…something incredible is waiting to be known.”. 


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