Social Problem Essay Example. The Final Countdown

Social Problem Essay Example. The Final Countdown

Our society has ill-treated and belittled the power to reconstruct this culture. Signifying a society, we are invariably evolving. However, we are going into a recession. Our prevailing nature concerning morality is now broken, and we require our personalities to surrender in the harshest of methods into cultural conformity. As a society, we inflamed a cyclical abusive cycle. Our virtue is a husk of its former self. The duality in our society is a never-ending chasm of mortality. We yearn to be politically accurate, innocent, upright and stable while having control. Yet we strive to be inclusive, diverse, impartial, and to speak our understanding. Discordance is an epidemic in our society with our morals polarized. We want our society liberated from microaggressions and hurtful viewpoints, yet we want a diverse society that is comprehensive and honest. These boundaries are obscurely shaded, with ethical decisions that are unanswerable. Our society is on a dilapidated road toward destruction. Morality, the conclusive broker of our standards, controlled by our external environment. As a society, we assume that we should maintain the same convictions. This moral law is relentless, and the sentence for nonconformity is the abuse of expression. The double standard that remains present in moralistic conclusions it indicates complexity. We endeavor to characterize whether something is valid or incorrect, however, if push comes to shove, we remain inert. As observers, we witness our morals being disintegrated directly in front of us. Because we assume everyone has these identical Morals, we reason that someone else will act upon it. A broken window that remains untouched, the bystander effect. Conceptually an ethical perplexity inspired by entangled morals. Considering we believe that the corresponding morals are consistent, we deduce that it is not worth meriting our beloved time to act upon it. Or, we disassociate from existence, since we seem inadequate to control the circumstance on hand and someone different could do it adequately. The enigma among our dormant feelings, cultural incompetence is constantly being reinforced with horrific articles on the daily. One current case of this was a boy that had been brutally killed. The sixteen-year-old had got into a brawl with 6 other teenagers. Surprisingly the belligerence was observed by at least fifty of his peers. The most the spectators did was record it on their phones. “‘I don’t know what to make of it, my generation versus this generation,’ he said of the phenomenon. ‘This can’t go on. Your friends are dying while you stand there and video it. That’s egregious”(Flynn, 2019). The predicament of our morality is repulsive to the point of starvation. Ethics comprise the cogs in this morality automaton, with tones of gray being marked off as black or white, or wrong or right by individuals. Ethics shift depending on the person and the environment. Which in turn alter their understanding of morality.An infamous dilemma, the trolley problem is a comprehensive example. It asks the simplistic question of how much does a soul merit. The common person would respond to rescue the many, and sacrifice the one. However, the reactions can be manipulated. This can arise through means of obstructing the cart or who is in the path. Thus, our morals can be manipulated by our environment, through ethical dilemmas. All of this is influenced by pathogens of value transmission. These malleable morals are influential in our values, which portrays a dismal spectacle concerning the future. Our values as a society attest that we are troubled. We admire control foregoing all else. Yet, it is the most arduous condition to control at times. Control is exploited by some, however. This conceives an “All-About-Me Age” that is prone to the ideologies of grandiose thinking. That leads to narcissistic tendencies i.e. abuse. Abuse is a noble struggle to master our circumstances. Disinhibition overpowers everyone else and puts you in control to a degree. Though we want to attune our environment to our liking, in actuality it is futile. Our environment determines us, we do not define our environment. A classic illustration of this is observed in other primates. The experiment comprises of two capuchin monkeys. First, one is presented a grape, and the other monkey is presented with a cucumber. Subsequent watching the first monkey enjoy the admirable grape, he rejects the cucumber, since it is now not fair. (from Brosnan and de Waal, 2014) From mirror neurons, we undergo a reduction in 5-Hydroxy-Tryptamine levels (serotonin) similarly to OCD when we experience lust. The power of choice is the thief of joy, yet we also cherish competitive situations. We admire political correctness, yet admire to be impartial. We want to be moralistic yet equal. We want stability, yet want to be diverse. We want freedom of speech and freedom from speech. As a society, we are positively messed up. We crave to be politically proper, honest, upright and stable while having control. Yet we strive to be inclusive, diverse, impartial, and to speak our mind. Cognitive dissonance is the result form our incongruent values. Our values are all over the place, encouraging discord. Which in itself, we enjoy as well. All of this culminates to a terminal epicenter, expression. Our expression distinguishes us, by compiling our morals and values. Our expression in society outlines cultural conformity. Through expression, we define our folkways, mores, and norms, our unwritten laws. Conformity is a vital mores in public shaming, and we must adapt to society according to culture itself. Conversely, we are driven toward docility. Through the advent of the internet, it has been more proximal than ever before. Yet it is also distal since we have no real clue whom we are shaming. It has become callous to us, there is no attachment, no understanding. We are offended at the person, without even discerning who they are. This is a dangerous emotion that brings along the baggage of regret. Most detrimental of all this response is augmented by our society. Public shaming is a highly influential weapon our society uses to regulate people. Harassment possesses a substantial, concrete impact. If broken, there will be repercussions. If someone steps out of the line, there will be punishments. As a society, we profit off of recognition, among customs that stoke our society with passion. Public shaming can cause social ostracization. People tend to exert individuals over the edge, and public shaming is occurring innumerably. The advent of public shaming displays perfectly, the broken window effect.In the book The Lucifer Effect, it states, “Environmental conditions contribute to making some members of society feel that they are anonymous, that no one in the dominant community knows who they are…”(Zimbardo 305). This leads to a pile from the community to crush the assailant. An infamous case would be the one that reignited the flame of public shaming, Monica Lewinski. After the scandal, Lewinski’s life was wrecked by society. This led to her becoming ensnared by shame. Fortunately she made it out alive, however, not all are as fortunate as her. Suppression of expression is just as rampant as abusing expression. The people are afraid of being offensive. They constantly are afraid of saying something politically correct, rather than voicing their opinions. Trigger warnings in novels are becoming a request, due to traumatic memories. Society wants to shield the next generation from reality. They will get a nonsensical portrayal of society. Whether that occurs within the shielding school system, that wants to be politically correct, or parents being helicopter parents or by being abusive. Social media harassment from strangers overpowers the school into docility. The school encourages cognitive disturbances like distortions and dissonances by shielding students from the truth. Which, when they get out in the real world they will encounter an incongruence of principles that lead to derealization. And, when they realize what life is actually like they deny it, barter with it, get angry, and/or get depressed. In an article, The Coddling of the American Mind, the author proposes that students should be taught how to live in a world with prevalent offenses, but be shielded at the same time with encouraging students to not offend anyone (i.e. speak their mind). It is a worthy goal, but the idea of faking it till they make it, would not work, it would twist their ideologies and mind to conform, not teaching them to think freely. The effect that society is influenced by our expression. Our environment constantly changes us. Our environment influences our morals and values. Currently, our environment, morals, and values are being tainted by adverse expression. Which forms a societal cycle of abuse. Our environment influences ethics, ethics influence our morals, and morals influence our values. When combined it forms our expressions, which affects society. And, society affects our environment. We are stuck in this cycle with society changing for the worse. We are becoming more polarizing, inconsiderate, overbearing, and abusive.


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