Section D: Change Model Essay

Section D: Change Model Essay

Section D: Change Model Essay,This paper describes the change model that will guide the implementation of the author’s evidence-based proposal. It includes a description of the selected change model, its relevance to the evidence-based project, and the stages of the change model. It also describes how the author will apply each stage of the change model in the proposed implementation.,Selected Change Model and Relevance To The EBP Project,The selected change model of choice that will guide the implementation of this evidence-based proposal is the transtheoretical model (TTM) of behavior change. This change model examines a person’s readiness level to act on healthy and new behavior. Besides, it describes the change strategies and processes that an individual should follow to achieve specific outcomes (Prochaska, Redding & Evers, 2015).,The TTM model requires a user to identify the stage that an individual is undergoing to promote the person’s understanding of the expected outcomes after embracing positive behavioral practices such as observing a diabetic diet, routine physical exercise, medication adherence, and routine blood glucose monitoring. To improve the success of outcomes using this model, education will be paramount. Education will improve participants’ knowledge and help to eliminate common diabetes-related biases, myths, and misconceptions. Section D: Change Model Essay,Stages of TTM,The TTM posits that change in behavior occurs in five stages namely; pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance. Some constructs influence ways in which a person goes through the stages before he/she decides to adopt a new behavior. These constructs are; liberalization, consciousness, reinforcement, re-evaluation, stimulus control, and counterconditioning (Prochaska, Redding & Evers, 2015). In this context, consciousness describes caregivers’ ability to increase a patient’s awareness about a healthy behavior such as maintaining an exercise schedule, optimal hydration, adhering to medication, avoiding or limiting cigarette smoking, and alcohol intake.,Re-evaluation involves understanding how unhealthy behaviors can affect other people, while liberalization involves a person’s commitment to change behavior with a strong belief that it is possible to achieve specific health behaviors (Prochaska, Redding & Evers, 2015). In counter-conditioning, individuals substitute unhealthy thoughts and behaviors with healthy thoughts and behaviors. Stimulus control includes environmental re-engineering for cues and reminders that not only support but also encourage healthy behavior and eliminate those that encourage unhealthy behaviors (Prochaska, Redding & Evers, 2015). In reinforcement management, caregivers reward diabetic patients with positive behavior and decrease rewards in case of negative behavior.,In the context of this EBP, the intervention for implementation is that, by establishing home and classroom education and training with medication assistance for rural Americans with abnormal HbA1C levels, there will be a 10% decrease in the HbA1C levels. An integral aspect of behavior change using the TTM model is educating all PCPs and nurses about the intervention to promote its adoption and subsequently, increase the chances of more successful outcomes.,Change is a comprehensive process to which individuals respond differently. It is for this reason that this change model proposes that, its users should identify the facilitators and barriers to implementing change and identify potential solutions before the implementation of actual change practice.,In the organization that the author will implement the proposed change, implementation facilitators include; a quality and patient safety organizational culture, an organizational philosophy that accepts accountability for systemic failures, and collaborative organizational leadership. Potential barriers to implementation are; nurses resisting change due to a nursing shortage that contributes to tight work schedules and heavy workloads. Section D: Change Model Essay,Applying Each TTM Stage In The Proposed Implementation.,In the pre-contemplation stage, nurses will encourage patients to start thinking about changing behavior by educating and training them about DM and providing assistance with medication. Education will include methods to maintain healthy dietary habits, a physical activity schedule, medication adherence, limiting or avoiding cigarette smoking, and alcohol intake, which collectively promote good glycemic control. According to Kriska, et al. (2018), in this stage, most patients will not be aware that their behaviors have negative consequences. However, they will underrate the benefits of behavior change and focus more on the consequences.,In the contemplation stage, with continuous education, patients will intend to start practicing healthy behaviors such as maintaining a diabetic diet, a physical activity schedule, and adhering to medications (Prochaska, Redding & Evers, (2015). After recognizing that healthy dietary habits, a physical activity schedule, medication adherence, limiting or avoiding cigarette smoking, and alcohol intake have consequences, the participants will consider the benefits rather than the consequences of behavior change. In the preparation stage, patients will be ready to take action and small steps towards maintaining healthy dietary habits, a physical activity schedule, medication adherence, quitting cigarette smoking and alcohol intake with a strong belief that behavior change can result to a healthier life (Hankonen et al., 2015).,In the action stage, patients will embrace healthy dietary habits, a physical activity schedule, medication adherence, quitting cigarette smoking, and alcohol intake. They will also intend to continue moving forward with the new behavior change practices (Sheeran, Klein, & Rothman, 2017). In the maintenance phase. Patients will sustain and maintain newly adopted behaviors to prevent short and long-term diabetes complications. Section D: Change Model Essay,References,Hankonen, N., Sutton, S., Prevost, A. T., Simmons, R. K., Griffin, S. J., Kinmonth, A. L., & Hardeman, W. (2015). Which behavior change techniques are associated with changes in physical activity, diet, and body mass index in people with recently diagnosed diabetes?. Annals of Behavioral Medicine49(1), 7-17.,Kriska, A., El Ghormli, L., Copeland, K. C., Higgins, J., Ievers?Landis, C. E., Levitt Katz, L. E.,  & TODAY Study Group. (2018). Impact of lifestyle behavior changes on glycemic control in youth with type 2 diabetes. Pediatric Diabetes19(1), 36-44.,Prochaska, J. O., Redding, C. A., & Evers, K. E. (2015). The transtheoretical model and stages of change. Health behavior: Theory, research, and practice97.,Sheeran, P., Klein, W. M., & Rothman, A. J. (2017). Health behavior change: Moving from observation to intervention. Annual Review of Psychology, 68, 573-600.,Document_7,omg_paper,instuctions-71420,Section D: Change Model Essay, 

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