Research design methods and applications.

Research design methods and applications.

Research design methods and applications., ,Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area, write 300–500 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.Research design methods and applications.,Part 1: Ethics in Research,Utilizing the Internet, CTU Library, and your textbook, choose 1 example of unethical research in a business setting, and discuss the following:Research design methods and applications.,Explain why research might be considered unethical.
Explain what ethical considerations there are and how to avoid these issues in your research project.
Explain what components are needed in the introduction to a survey to address ethical concerns.
You may wish to review an example time line by clicking here.,Part 2: Preparing to Create Your Survey,Building on the organizational issue, problem, or topic that you identified in Unit 1, complete the following:,Write 1 research question regarding that topic, in preparation for the assignments in Units 3–5.
Create 5 survey questions that would help answer your research question.Research design methods and applications.
Write your hypothesis for your research question.
Resnik, D. B. (2017). Research ethics timeline (1932-present). Retrieved from,Research design methods and applications
Part 1: Ethics in Research
Unethical business research refers to a situation in which a research activity is conducted without observing the established investigation principles. Typically, ethical principles are intended to protect relevant rights, such as correctly citing a source of information to protect intellectual rights and as defense against plagiarism allegations. There are three major concerns that every business research must not even as it addresses ethical issues. The first concern is carrying out unnecessary research activities that is expected to either not be beneficial or is unreasonable and will not be successful. This concern is addressed by first presenting a research question that targets an existing problem in logical manner and based on arguments from existing literature. The second concern is conducting the wrong research through focusing on the wrong problem, resulting in a waste of money and time resources. This concern is addressed by ensuring that the collected data is beneficial towards addressing the research question. The final concern is ignoring ongoing research. This concern is addressed by including the most recent data and prioritizing them over old publications (Resnik, 2019). In addition to the three concerns, preparation for the research should note five points. The first point is not to treat anything as an exception to the ethical principles. The second point is to be less concerned about profits if stakeholders become aware of the research results. The third point is to ensure that data collection follows a logical framework that offers all potential data sources equal opportunity to provide data based on predetermined inclusion and exclusion criteria. The fourth point is ensuring that all research decisions are impartial and non-biased, and relying on logical arguments. The final point is to link all research decisions with potential consequences and ensuring that they are bearable (Gomez et al., 2018).
Part 2: Preparing to Create Your Survey
The proposed research problem is to determine the perceptions of personnel engaged in the business environment concerning the importance of technical skills.Research design methods and applications. This is based on the awareness that the business environment is fast evolving such that technologic (particularly communication technology) is becoming an increasingly common feature in this environment. This trend is anticipated to continue with more technology being adopted over time (Campbell, 2018). This awareness raises the question: ‘how prepared are business personnel to use newly presented technology in terms of having the technical skills to meet the required proficiency?’ Based on the research question, the hypothesis scan be presented that: ‘business personnel with high proficiency technical skills are better prepared to use workplace technologies when compared to their counters with less proficient technical skills.’ The research question can be answered using five survey questions as presented. The first question, are you prepared to handle use the technology in your workplace? The second question, how would you rate your technical skills in terms of proficiency (novice, advanced beginner, competent, proficient and expert)? The third question is, do you require help when using workplace technology? The fourth question, how do you prepare yourself to handle workplace technology (formal training, shadowing/mentorship, and trial and error)? The final question, would you consider yourself prepared to handle workplace technology (not prepared, partially prepared and well prepared)? Through getting selected participants to answer the five survey questions, it is possible to correlate technical skills with preparation to handle technology in the business environment, thus answering the research question and testing the hypothesis.Research design methods and applications.

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