Reflections About Some Syndicate Group Work Nursing Essay.

Reflections About Some Syndicate Group Work Nursing Essay.

Reflections About Some Syndicate Group Work Nursing Essay., ,Group is a collection of individuals in which members accept a common task, become interdependent in their performance and interact with one another to promote its accomplishment. (Harold H.kelley and J.W Thibaut). Good range of individuals who contribute in different ways, clear goals, good coordination, balance between the task and the process, supportive atmosphere makes an effective group. In the start of the course, we all were assigned groups and asked to do the assignment work for organizational behavior module with designated our group. Now, in this assignment I am going to present all the experiences I had, working with my group.Reflections About Some Syndicate Group Work Nursing Essay.,The changes over the time during the development process of my syndicate group can be explained by Tuckman’s (1965) five stage model and Gersick’s (1988) punctuated equilibrium model.,According to Tuckman, the evolution of every group has five common stages (Exhibit 1). My group has also undergone all this five stages in the following way:Reflections About Some Syndicate Group Work Nursing Essay.,Forming stage: During this stage we had lot of uncertainty and anxiety. This may be due to unfamiliarity between us. Though we know the purpose of our group we are very much uncertain about group’s structure and leadership. After we had our first meeting, we got to know each other and started thinking as a part of group. We introduced each other, asked questions about academic background, interests, culture etc to analyze each person’s abilities.Reflections About Some Syndicate Group Work Nursing Essay.,Storming stage: After issues associated with being in a new group are resolved, we entered storming stage. At this stage we had many conflicts. There are many disagreements concerning leadership in the group. Among five members of our group, two people always use to keep silent and just support the ideas given by one of our group members. This probably may be due to the reason that all those three people belong to the same nationality and remaining two, I and other girl belong to same nationality which made us to divide in to two subgroups. This was the main drawback of our group which led to many conflicts. After a lot of discussion we resolved our conflicts and finalized with common idea.,Norming stage: During this stage we developed relationships with our group members and demonstrated cohesiveness. We finally decided the topics to deal in the assignment and shared the work accordingly. Now my group has clear structure and identity .We came to know each other well and agreed the conduct of the other group members.Reflections About Some Syndicate Group Work Nursing Essay.,Performing: This is the stage where the ideas discussed should be kept in to action. As per the work divided, everyone has to do their part of work. But we had many conflicts here also. One of my group member jus wrote two paragraphs on the topic assigned to him and also that is very irrelevant to the topic. Other girl in the group just copied everything from the books and websites, which is considered as plagiarism. This bothered me a lot and finally I and one of my group member sat together, collected all the data shared by group members, arranged the required information and created the final report. Though we shared the work equally we couldn’t come up with the required level of performance. This may be due to lack of proper leadership and improper group formation.Reflections About Some Syndicate Group Work Nursing Essay.,Adjourning stage: At last the submission deadline had arrived. After organizing all the information properly and checking it thrice for any mistakes we finally submitted the report. When we were asked to mark on the peer review form, I said to mark according to the work done but my entire group members argued to mark 100% for every group member and they did so. Now it is the time for disbanding. Though we had many conflicts, we gained some learning experience and developed good relationships with group members.Reflections About Some Syndicate Group Work Nursing Essay.,Exhibit 1: Five stage model. Source: Robbins and Judge(2009), Organizational Behavior,As per this model (Exhibit 2), our group also went through many transitions between inertia and activity. During the first phase we had set our group objectives and group direction. We understood the given task and planned to differentiate between United states and India in the part 2 of the assignment (inertia). After that, we had many changes in our thoughts, many new ideas were accepted and we decided to change some of the things which we had set earlier. We then choose to differentiate between United States and Japan because we thought there is lot of difference in their work place environment, so that there will be lot of scope to differentiate between those countries (transition). In the next phase we continued with the new changes and finally completed the given assignment (activity).Reflections About Some Syndicate Group Work Nursing Essay.,Exhibit 2: Punctuated equilibrium model. Source: Robbins and Judge (2009) ” Organizational Behavior”,Mc Grath’s model is based on the input-process-output sequence (Exhibit 3). He explains how certain inputs leads to different processes in the team, which finally leads to specific outcomes. According to him, input processes include individual level factors, team level factors and environmental level factors. In our group the individual level factors include individual characteristics of my group members. My group posses skills such as creativity, good research skills, good academic style of writing which had impact on our team effectiveness. Not only positive characteristics but also negative characteristics such as irresponsibility and poor English language skills possessed by some of our group members had impact on our team effectiveness and made by team ineffective to some extent.Reflections About Some Syndicate Group Work Nursing Essay.,Exhibit 3: Mc Garth’s (1964) Model of team effectiveness Source: Jex and Britt, ” Organisational Psycology”,Team effective factors include the way our group is structured. Our group, consisting of 5 people had set certain norms and values which everyone has to follow. However, some people did not follow the norms to full extent and roles are not delegated to particular members. There is lack of clarity regarding the goals and specific tasks were not agreed. Our group has distributive leadership.,Environmental factors include group task characteristics, reward structure and level of environmental stress. Personally, I feel the task given to us is not much challenging and did not made use of appropriate strategies to be used by team. This might be the main reason for social loafing to occur in our team. It be better if the assessment of the group assignment is based on individual performance rather than group performance, because this makes every individual feel responsible and to contribute fully to the given task. During the process of our assignment we had environmental stresses like heavy work load and time pressure which lead to team’s decision making processes.Reflections About Some Syndicate Group Work Nursing Essay.,All these input factors lead to the groups interaction process which covers open communication, participation, task orientation, conflicts, reflexivity, leadership, support for innovation and collective learning. The most crucial aspects during team interaction process are the level of interpersonal harmony within the team and the performance strategies adopted by our team.,The team interaction process eventually leads to output which measures the level of performance and other outcomes such as group cohesiveness, attitude change, member satisfaction etc. As a member of my group I am not much satisfied with my group performance because of the negative inputs mentioned above.Reflections About Some Syndicate Group Work Nursing Essay.,A number of models were developed based on Input-process-output (IPO) framework. Recent research developed and alternative model to this which is Input-mediators-output-input model (IMOI). P is substituted with M which explains variability and viability in the team performance. Another I show that there is cyclical casual feedback. The stages in this model can be diagrammed as shown in Exhibit 4.,As per this model, our group also gone through this three stages. In the forming phase we tried to develop trust on other group members. We planned accordingly by gathering information and developing strategy to perform the task. During functioning phase we tried to manage diversity and conflicts. We adapted to the given conditions and shared the workload. We also learnt many things both from the team’s best member and team’s dissenting member.Reflections About Some Syndicate Group Work Nursing Essay.

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