Quality Improvement Tools Paper

Quality Improvement Tools Paper

Quality Improvement Tools Paper,Visiting a building site, an engineer notices a corrosive reaction occurring in the materials that could threaten structural integrity. The engineer assesses the corrosion and then plans to apply specialized paints to rebuild strength. Quality Improvement Tools Paper Without tools providing the necessary mitigation—in this case, the paints—the flaws would remain and potentially lead to building failure. Similarly, nurse executives need the right tools to improve quality throughout their organizations. These tools include instruments to study processes, assess performance, and uncover gaps or problems that need to be addressed. This week, you will explore healthcare quality improvement tools in more depth. You will also embark on your Personal Improvement Project, developing an outline and starting to collect data. Learning Objectives Students will: Analyze use of quality improvement tools and their effect on individuals, organizations, and patients Analyze successes and challenges of using quality improvement tools Develop an outline for a personal improvement project Learning Resources Required Readings (click to expand/reduce) Johnson, J. K., & Sollecito, W. A. (2020). McLaughlin & Kaluzny’s continuous quality improvement in health care (5th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett. Chapter 4: “Understanding Variation, Tools, and Data Sources for CQI in Health Care” (pp. 106–141) Chapter 5, “Lean and Six Sigma Management: Building a Foundation for Optimal Patient Care Using Patient Flow Physics” (pp. 142–173) Neuhauser, D., Myhre, S., & Alemi, F. (2004). Personal continuous improvement workbook (7th ed.). McLean, VA: Academy for Healthcare Improvement. Note: Review the Seven Tools of Quality Silver, S. A., Harel, Z., McQuillan, R., Weizman, A. V., Thomas, T., Chertow, … Chan, C. T. (2016). How to begin a quality improvement project. Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, 11(5). 893–900. American Society for Quality. (n.d.). Quality tools A to Z. Retrieved from https://asq.org/quality-resources/quality-tools Note: This site includes templates and examples of quality tools you can use for your project. Document: Data Collection Plan Template (Word document) Document: Project Outline Template (Word document) Discussion: Quality Improvement Tools Photo Credit: Getty Images Have you ever used a pro and con list to work through a challenging decision? Have you checked items or steps off a notepad as you completed them? The seven tools of quality—and their many derivatives—assist healthcare professionals in a similar way, by breaking down complex processes so that they can be more easily understood.,These instruments also assist in analyzing data so that quality improvement decisions can be made. For this Discussion, you will reflect on the quality improvement tools you have used in the nursing workplace and the impact they have had. To Prepare: Review the quality tools described in Chapter 4 of the Johnson and Sollecito text; the Neuhauser, Myhre, and Alemi workbook; and the American Society for Quality website. Consider a situation when you used a quality tool in a healthcare setting. By Day 3 of Week 2 Post a description of the quality improvement tools you have used or have been introduced to in healthcare. Provide an example of how you have used a quality improvement tool in the past and the effect it had on you, the organization, and/or patients. Be specific and provide examples.Quality Improvement Tools Paper,Quality improvement tools are important because they help in formalizing the quality improvement process. There are a range of tools that help with the process. One of the tools is process mapping. It is applied to help medical facilities and organizations better understand the health care processes that take place within their systems and practice. Previously used in engineering projects, process mapping has been adapted in health care to help with offering a visualization of the sequence of events that result in a specific outcome. Through reviewing each step of the process and the sequence of the steps as well as who is responsible for each step and the efficiency of the systems, the organization can get an idea of the improvement opportunities. In addition, the process mapping tool can help with evaluating and redesigning current processes (Antonacci et al., 2018; Finkelman, 2018).,Another tool is the clinical quality measures. Each medical organization already has considerable amounts of data from various sources, such as population health evaluations, satisfaction surveys, practice management systems, clinical records, and others. Focusing on understanding the available data in a methodological and disciplined manner helps the organization to evaluate its current processes and identify improvement opportunities while monitoring improvements in the performance over time. The clinical quality measures help with narrowing the focus of the data, acting as a standardized measure that focuses the quality improvement actions (Sang & Dearholt, 2018). For instance, data on nurse-patient ratios and hospital acquired infections can help making correlations between nurse personnel numbers and patient outcomes so that the organization can justify its actions to increase the number of nurses and monitor their impact.,References,Antonacci, G., Reed, J., Lennox, L. & Barlow, J. (2018). The Use of Process Mapping in Healthcare Quality Improvement Projects. Health Services Management Research, 31(2), 74-84. DOI: 10.1177/0951484818770411,Finkelman, A. (2018). Quality improvement: a guide for integration in nursing. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.,Sang, D. & Dearholt, S. (2018). John Hopkins nursing evidence-based practice (3rd ed.). Indianapolis, IN: Sigma Theta Tau International. Quality Improvement Tools Paper, 

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