Potential Problems Identified from Functional Health Patterns.

Potential Problems Identified from Functional Health Patterns.

Potential Problems Identified from Functional Health Patterns., ,Case Study: Mr. C.,Obesity among adults is becoming a major health concern worldwide. Approximately, over a third of the world’s population is struggling with obesity. According to Hruby and Hu (2015), around 38% and 20% of the adult population globally will be overweight and obese by 2030 respectively if the current trend continues. This paper will focus on Mr. C’s case. It will particularly capture the presented clinical manifestations, potential health risks associated with obesity, potential problems identified from functional health patterns, end-stage renal disease (ESRD) staging, ESRD prevention, and resources for supporting ESRD Patients.Potential Problems Identified from Functional Health Patterns., ,Clinical Manifestations                                                   ,Upon coming to the outpatient center, Mr. C. complains of excessive weight gain. In the last 2-3 years, he had added about 100 pounds. Additionally, he has been struggling with high blood pressure and sleeps apnea despite restricting the amount of sodium in his diet. Mr. C. He also complains of shortness of breath, which increases with the level of activity. Besides, he has been having swollen ankles over the past 6 months.Potential Problems Identified from Functional Health Patterns.,The Potential Health Risks ,Obesity poses various health risks to Mr. C, which range from non-fatal complaints to fatal conditions. The most common non-fatal health issues associated with obesity include respiratory complications, musculoskeletal problems, infertility, and skin conditions. On fatal conditions, obesity results in cases of non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus(NIDDM), cardiovascular problems, gallbladder complication, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis as well as various types of cancer, including prostate, breast, and colon cancers(Sarwer & Polonsky, 2016). In addition to health risks, obesity leads to psychological issues. Most obese people experience lowered self-esteem, which results in clinical depression in the long-run (Sarwer & Polonsky, 2016).Potential Problems Identified from Functional Health Patterns.,Bariatric surgery is a suitable intervention in Mr. C’s case.According to Nguyen and Varela (2016), bariatric surgery has been an effective treatment for patients with severe obesity. This intervention measure improves various obesity-related comorbidities. Additionally, it provides the patient with a sustained weight loss, thus improving one’s overall quality of life in the long-run.,Potential Problems identified from Functional Health Patterns ,The client’s functional health patterns can result in potential problems. First, Mr. C’s self-perception can result in psychological issues. Viewing himself as obese will lower the level of his self-esteem, which, will, in turn, lead to depression. Secondly, the lack of activity-exercise is contributing to his excessive weight gain, which results in obesity. Working at a catalog telephone center does not allow him to engage in vigorous exercise. Besides, metabolic problems have led to metabolic diseases. Also, lack of sleep or adequate rest has exposed Mr. C to sleep apnea. Finally, his nutritional habits have resulted in high blood pressure.Potential Problems Identified from Functional Health Patterns.,End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Staging,ESRD is considered as the last stage of a chronic kidney condition. It is also known as stage five. The functionality of kidneys reduces to 10 to 15 percent during this stage(Zhang et al., 2016). Therefore, these kidneys are unable to eliminate waste products or excess fluid effectively. Additionally, other functions of the kidneys such as balancing the level of electrolytes in the body are compromised during this stage. Thus, ESRD necessitates for kidney transplant or dialysis. This condition is associated with several factors, including gender, occupation, and high blood pressure (Zhang et al., 2016).Potential Problems Identified from Functional Health Patterns.,ESRD Prevention,The occurrence of ESRD can be prevented through health promotion programs. Future events and the deterioration of renal condition can be prevented by educating Mr. C. about healthy practices and lifestyle modification. In particular, Mr. C. should be educated about the significance of engaging in regular exercise and taking food with low levels of cholesterol. These practices will reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood system, which will prevent him from becoming obese(Hardy et al., 2018). In turn, the chances of developing ESRD in the future will decline significantly.Potential Problems Identified from Functional Health Patterns.,Resources for ESRD Patients,Various resources provide the required support to ESRD patients. The resources enable the patients to recover from the condition and continue with their lives. One of these resources is kidney organization, which provides the patients and their family members with the required psychological support. Additionally, kidney patients require guidance and counseling to enable them resume to their jobs and cope easily. Besides, they require finances to care for their personal needs as well as those of their family members. Additionally, these patients would be benefited from various multidisciplinary approaches, including management of the condition and patient education (Johns et al., 2015).Potential Problems Identified from Functional Health Patterns.,Obesity is becoming more prevalent across the globe. The condition is attributed to various factors, including one’s lifestyle and other conditions such as high blood pressure. Cases of ESRD are also in the rise in the community. This condition can be prevented by addressing risk factors such as lifestyle. Patients of ESRD are given the required support through various resources. Organization for kidney patients ensure people struggling with this condition are given the required psychological support. Additionally, patients are provided with financial resources to cater for their personal needs. They also need support to resume their working and cope easily.Potential Problems Identified from Functional Health Patterns.,It is necessary for an RN-BSN-prepared nurse to demonstrate an enhanced understanding of the pathophysiological processes of disease, the clinical manifestations and treatment protocols, and how they affect clients across the life span.Potential Problems Identified from Functional Health Patterns.,Evaluate the Health History and Medical Information for Mr. C., presented below.,Based on this information, formulate a conclusion based on your evaluation, and complete the Critical Thinking Essay assignment, as instructed below.,Health History and Medical Information,Health History,Mr. C., a 32-year-old single male, is seeking information at the outpatient center regarding possible bariatric surgery for his obesity. He currently works at a catalog telephone center. He reports that he has always been heavy, even as a small child, gaining approximately 100 pounds in the last 2-3 years. Previous medical evaluations have not indicated any metabolic diseases, but he says he has sleep apnea and high blood pressure, which he tries to control by restricting dietary sodium. Mr. C. reports increasing shortness of breath with activity, swollen ankles, and pruritus over the last 6 months.Potential Problems Identified from Functional Health Patterns.,Objective Data:,Critical Thinking Essay ,In 750-1,000 words, critically evaluate Mr. C.’s potential diagnosis and intervention(s). Include the following:,You are required to cite to a minimum of two sources to complete this assignment. Sources must be published within the last 5 years and appropriate for the assignment criteria and relevant to nursing practice.,Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required. Potential Problems Identified from Functional Health Patterns.,This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. Potential Problems Identified from Functional Health Patterns., 

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