Politics and the Affordable Care Act

Politics and the Affordable Care Act

Politics and the Affordable Care Act,Discussion: Politics and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Regardless of political affiliation, individuals often grow concerned when considering perceived competing interests of government and their impact on topics of interest to them. The realm of healthcare is no different. Some people feel that local, state, and federal policies and legislation can be either helped or hindered by interests other than the benefit to society. Consider for example that the number one job of a legislator is to be reelected. Cost can be measured in votes as well as dollars. Thus, it is important to consider the legislator’s perspective on either promoting or not promoting a certain initiative in the political landscape. To Prepare: Review the Resources and reflect on efforts to repeal/replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Consider who benefits the most when policy is developed and in the context of policy implementation. Politics and the Affordable Care Act,The cost-benefit analysis portrayed by Feldstein made Republicans to put on hold their efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable  Care Act (ACA).   According to Milstead (2017), Feldstein states that lawmakers are the suppliers of legislative benefits and their major objective is to get re-elected. Therefore, lawmakers are required to maximize their chances of being elected back to office, which needs support from voters.  The ACA paid of politically for Democrats in the 2018 mid-term elections. Voters rated health care as the most important issue, and felt that democrats could better address the issue because they were in support of the ACA as opposed to Republicans who wanted to replace and repeal the law. According to Starr (2018), in 2018, voters had realized  the proposals that republicans were making on health insurance could have  lead to millions of individuals losing insurance coverage  and increasing  costs  for others… particularly for older individuals who were purchasing insurance in the individual market.  Thus, the 2018 elections made Republicans to put on hold their attempts to repeal and replace the ACA, at least for two years so as not to lessen their chances of being elected back to office in the 2020 elections.,How such analyses as the one portrayed by the Feldstein statement may affect decisions by legislative leaders in recommending or positioning national policies,The cost-benefit analysis such as the one portrayed by the Feldstein may influence the decisions by lawmakers in endorsing or positional national policies, for example, the decisions by the Congress to cut funding for Medicaid and Medicare. Feldstein states legislators will support a legislation will earn them additional political support. During his 2016 presidential bid, Trump promised not to cut funding on Medicare and Medicaid as his predecessor had done because he was seeking political support to be elected into presidency.  However,  in his 2020 budget, President Trump made  calls for major cuts in spending on Medicaid and Medicare,  but the White House has refuted that Trump wants to slash  these popular programs and even Barack Obama who was Trump’s predecessor trimmed Medicare spending (Pramuk, 2019). Politics and the Affordable Care Act,References,Milstead, J.  (2017). Health Policy and Politics. Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett Learning,Pramuk, J. (March 12, 2019).  Trump pledged to protect Medicare and Medicaid, but his 2020 budget calls for major spending cuts. Retrieved from https://www.cnbc.com/2019/03/12/trump-2020-budget-proposes-reduced-medicare-and-medicaid-spending.html,Starr, P. (November 20, 2018). How Democrats Finally Won With Health Care.  Retrieved from https://prospect.org/power/democrats-finally-won-health-care/ Politics and the Affordable Care Act, 

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