Personal Philosophy Statement Essay

Personal Philosophy Statement Essay

Personal Philosophy Statement Essay,RE:,I am pleased to submit my resume to be considered for as a (ADVERTISED POSITION TITLE) in your organization, in reference to the advertisement (ADVERTISEMENT Ref. XXXX AND OFFICIAL WEBSITE) dated, XXXXX. The opportunity to advance in gaining first-hand field experience is appealing to me as they match with my academic qualifications so far, as well as knowledge gained during my current and previous placements. Besides being aware of a wide range of challenges that patients face during their primary care moments, my academic and volunteer knowledge in the field of Nursing has been crucial in imparting me with the necessary knowledge and skills required to carry out different functions required within this field. Personal Philosophy Statement Essay,I hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and as well, a Bachelor of Science in Education coupled with over 15+ years proven experience in handling both patients and my fellow colleagues in the field of Nursing. Am extremely organized and possess the ability to work in a team or independently. Am also highly adaptable to changes and take diverse circumstances with positivity. My effective communication skills have not only enabled me to interact efficiently with patients and staff, but as well bettered my experience with patient care. I have the ability of delivering exceptional interaction and primary care for children, the young adults, as well as adult clients since I understand the needs of all these extremes. I hold the believe that self-determination, teamwork and patient confidentiality, are the great pillars in the world of patient care and quality service. Personal Philosophy Statement Essay,Currently, I hold the position of registered Nurse II at Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC, where am tasked with, Psychiatric medication nursing, admission and discharge, treatment planning, suicide assessing and detox and withdrawal assessment among other related duties. My previous placements as a registered Nurse at White Oak Manor, North Charleston, SC, Heartland Health and Rehabilitation Care Center and Hallmark Healthcare Center, Summerville, SC have equipped me with the necessary field experience in handling diverse patient care needs, as well as sharpened my leadership skills and ability to interact with people from different backgrounds., ,If considered, expect full cooperation and results from me. Enclosed please find my detailed resume on my academic and work experience backgrounds. I look forward to joining your able team and a challenging work environment, where I can exercise my knowledge and skills to the fullest extent. Advanced thanks for taking your time to review my application.,PROFESSIONAL NURSING PORTFOLIO,(Name),109 Rundle Lane | Summerville,Phone# -xxxx,Email:, ,Personal Philosophy Statement,I plan to establish a great relationship, both with my patients, as well as with my workmates. Exercising professionalism in my nursing duty undertakings will enable me to achieve the best on patient care through offering a holistic compassionate and evidence-based care leading to quality healthcare and wellness among my patients. Patient knowledge in prevention as well as condition management is an important aspect when it comes to nursing field as it assists in reducing the patient suffering as well as the costs associated with condition mismanagement and hospital visits. To achieve this, I will strive to advance my nursing education to master’s level in the near future.,Self-Assessment
My current position as a registered Nurse II at Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC, has not only built my confidence and strengthened my capability, but also, it has enabled me to gain more knowledge and skills that have enhanced my profession as a registered nurse. I will always strive to achieve the best, especially in disseminating quality care to my patients and offering the necessary support to my team. Personal Philosophy Statement Essay,Personal Goals ,My vast experience in the area of patient care management has equipped me with the right skills in dealing with duties that a registered nurse is obligated to, as well as to effectively deal with challenges that emanate from this profession. In day-to-day duties, I always challenge myself and love what am doing by facing every situation with positivity to always achieve the best. My future goal is to work in an environment that will foster me to apply this experience for the betterment of the organization and continue offering more quality patient-care services.,RESUME, (Name),  RN,(P.O Box Address),(Physical Address),(Phone Number),(Email),EDUCATION,WORK EXPERIENCE,White Oak Manor, North Charleston, SC                November 2005 – February 2010,Registered Nurse,Duties and Responsibilities;,Heartland Health and Rehabilitation Care Center, Hanahan, SC       Feb 2010 –Oct 2015,Registered Nurse,Duties and Responsibilities;,Hallmark Healthcare Center, Summerville, SC              October 2015 – September 2017,Registered Nurse,Duties and Responsibilities;,Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC                November 2017 – Present Registered Nurse II
Duties and Responsibilities;,PROFESSIONAL SKILLS,REFEREES,Cover Letter Advice (n.d.). Nurse practitioner cover letter sample 1. Retrieved from,Dahring, R. (2013). Cover letter caveats. Retrieved from http://nurse-practitioners-and-,Porche, D. J. & Danna, D. (2015). Cover letter & resume preparation: Every detail is important when applying for a job. Advance healthcare network for NPs & PAs.,Ulrich, D. L., & Stalter, A. M. (2015). Securing your first clinical nursing position. Nursing2018, 45(8), 60-63. Personal Philosophy Statement Essay

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