Paraphilic Disorder-Pedophilia Essay

Paraphilic Disorder-Pedophilia Essay

Paraphilic Disorder-Pedophilia Essay,Paraphilic disorders are disorders characterized by persistent and intense sexual arousal to atypical situations, objects, and targets that result in significant impairment and distress in occupational, social, and other vital functional areas and can potentially cause harm to others (Blanchard, 2010). The most common paraphilic disorders are voyeurism, exhibitionism, pedophilia, and transvestic disorder. This paper discusses the diagnostic criteria for pedophilia and the evidence-based psychotherapy and psychopharmacologic treatment. Paraphilic Disorder-Pedophilia Essay,Diagnostic Criteria,According to the DSM-5 criteria for mental disorders, a diagnosis of pedophilia is made in a patient who presents with the following signs and symptoms:,Evidence-Based Psychotherapy Treatment,Research indicates that CBT is the most successful form of therapy to manage patients with pedophilia. In this case, CBT uses a victim’s empathy, relapse prevention, and training on assertiveness. CBT primarily includes confronting a person’s cognitive distortions and training on lifelong maintenance (Bridge & Duman, 2018).  In due course, CBT will help to correlate a pedophile’s belief that children wish to engage in sexual activity and assist an offender to identify with a victim.   Paraphilic Disorder-Pedophilia Essay,Evidence-Based Psychopharmacologic Treatment,Psychopharmacologic agents are usually used alongside psychotherapy. The most preferred drugs include antiandrogens (Lupron and Provera) to decrease the sex drive and SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) used to manage the associated compulsive sexual disorders (Kaplan, 2015).,References,Blanchard, R. (2010). The DSM diagnostic criteria for pedophilia. Archives of sexual behavior39(2), 304-316.,Bridge, E., & Duman, N. (2018). Identifying pedophilia. Life Skills Journal of Psychology2(4), 215-222.,Kaplan, M. (2015). Taking pedophilia seriously. Wash. & Lee L. Rev.72, 75. Paraphilic Disorder-Pedophilia Essay

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