My Reasons Why See Dreams Essay Example

My Reasons Why See Dreams Essay Example

Even though lots of people have dreams every night, why don’t people always remember them, and what causes dreams to happen? People have dreams every night, but typically people wake up, and are unaware if they had a dream. People also don’t know why dreams occur in their head. Dreams are something that everybody experiences almost every night, but a lot of people forget in the morning. Most people don’t even know why dreams happen, or how dreams occur. My topic, dreams is important to me because it interests me that people have dreams every night. Every dream has different people doing different things, and acting in a hasty manner. People probably have thousands of dreams throughout their life, but they can’t recall half the dreams they had. This is why I picked dreams for my research topic. In my research I plan to figure out, “what causes dreams, and why people only remember some dreams and not others.” This question is my focus question. Trying to find out what causes dreams, and figuring out why people only remember some dreams and not others. While I am interested in my topic about dreams, there are a few things I think I know, or already know about dreams. Before researching dreams a good deal of background information is believed to be 100% true if everybody experiences dreams at least once in their lifetime. Additionally, people can remember at least one dream within their lifetime. A rumor I’ve heard about dreams was people have to be sleeping to encounter a dream. This rumor might not be true because I’ve been told about daydreams previously. An additional rumor I’ve heard was people can control what happens in their dreams.This rumor sounds alluring, but I’ve never had the chance to control my dream. The above-mentioned are some things I have heard of, or know about dreams before doing my research. Well many people dream at night, people don’t know what actually causes dreams. Looking through the research, scientists today still cannot find an answer to why people have dreams. Dreams are images that appear in someone’s head at night, or in the daytime, that can mimic real life, or fantasy. Sadly Scientists “still have not reached a conclusion” why people dream (Why do we dream?). Even though scientists still do not know what actually causes dreams there are still a few theories on the subject. Some scientists say dreams are a “mechanism whereby the brain incorporates memories, solves problems and deal with problems” (Nichols). This means that our brains try to mentally solve our problems in our head. People’s brains take memories from that day, or even further, then they try to solve that person’s problems within that dream. Other theories include that “there is no purpose for dreaming and that it is completely random”(reddick). Then again, scientists today still haven’t found out the real reason why we dream,  just some theory’s. Scientists still can’t figure out what causes dreams exactly, but after a dream people normally don’t remember the dream when they wake up in the morning. While most people dream at night regularly people do not remember half, or more, of the dream. When people wake up in the morning after a long sleep, people normally have no clue what their dream was, or even if they had a dream. Based on my research, scientists assume that people don’t regularly recall dreams. People normally fail to remember dreams when they wake up, or they simply wake up at the amiss time. When someone wakes up in the morning they “manage to forget almost 50% of the dream”, then throughout the rest of the day they manage to obliterate the rest of the dream (Mulliken). Throughout the day people mostly forget their dream, 50% when they wake up, then the other 50% throughout the day (Mulliken). There are also some other factors that could affect whether or not someone will commemorate their dream or not. One of those factors include, if someone is in “REM sleep” ,  (rapid eye movement) their brain shows more activity when in this sleep (Sosnowska). When the brain shows more activity, this means that the person has a more likely chance to remember the dream. If someone is in REM sleep then wakes up after a dream, they are almost guaranteed to remember that dream. A few main factors to remember a dream include, being in a deep sleep to get into REM. Also they need to wake up at the right time. When someone wakes up in the middle of a dream they are more likely to remember the dream other than waking up at the start of a dream. Sometimes when you wake up at the correct time, people could still draw a blank throughout the day, because you might not think about it. One last factor to remember a dream is to keep a notepad by the bed, so they could write the dream down when they wake up. These are the factors to remembering a dream, and also why we remember dreams. After all of the research to my questions there are a few main takeaways from doing the research.When doing research on dreams, there were a lot of things to learn about researching the proper way. I improved as a researcher by figuring out what the appropriate question to search was. When researching dreams, I found out that if I put a very long question in the search bar, I was not going to get very precise answers. After I searched a humongous answer that I had in my head, I definitely need to compress it down. When I compressed my question down, I got some decent responses for my question. When I searched a shortened version of my question, I found some pretty decent responses. Another thing I found out about my research skills, was I didn’t always find the answer that I planned for. When researching dreams, I wasn’t very satisfied with the responses they gave me. The websites almost always gave me the response that scientists haven’t figured out what actually causes dreams, or they just gave me a bunch of theories on the topic. From then on, I decided to go with it. I had to obtain that scientists cannot find the answer to why people dream at night. The answer kind of disappointed me, but I just learned to go on with it. One last thing that I took away from my research was my research sparked different questions about dreams. Researching my questions ignited many other questions I had about dreams. When reading through the content on different websites, I almost always thought about different questions. When researching through different subjects I found lots of different things, not regarding my questions. I found different questions that were covered through sources I read through. This is probably why I thought of other questions while doing my research. When the cites are covering more than one subject, or question, I start thinking of different subjects. Even though scientists don’t actually know what makes dreams occur there are still so many other things to think about. At least they know what causes us to remember our dreams. When thinking of this I thought about how many things are unsolved in the world. People certainly don’t know everything that’s in the world, or what goes on in our minds. This paper guided me to see how many things I think are solved, and I thought  people already know the answer too, to then show there are so many other common things that haven’t been solved or figured out yet. Mulliken, Gwyneth. “SiOWfa15: Science in Our World: Certainty and Controversy.” SiOWfa15 Science in Our World Certainty and Controversy, WordPress, 4 Sept. 2015,, Hannah. “Dreams: Why Do We Dream?” Medical News Today, MediLexicon                                  International, 28 June 2018, , Emily. “Dreaming .” MentalFloss, 15 Nov. 2018,  , Mark. “Why Do People Dream At Night? – And How Does The Brain Do It?” The Sleep Advisor, Sleep Advisor , 8 May 2018, , Joanna. “Why You Remember Some Dreams but Forget Others.” Nightly, DreamJay Inc., 19 Apr. 2018,“Why Do We Dream?” Wonderopolis, National Center for Families Learning, 2014,


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