Human Trafficking Essay Example

Human Trafficking Essay Example

The concept of having a human being traded like property shouldn’t it be considered to be one of the biggest illegal crime? As for human trafficking, it a concerning issue that is increasing around the world nowadays women and young adolescent are constantly victims of getting abuse, rape, and forced into sexual activities mainly because it involves the process of exploiting and violation of human rights. In the CNN documentary movie “ Selling the girl next door” it converges on the idea of having underage runaway children victimized by perpetrators, a 13-year-old girl named Selena was sexually trafficked and was sold by a man on a website by the name of In an interview, Selena claims “ If I ran away I was going to get killed and if I told the cops I was going to get killed” her experiences as a victim of sex trafficking demonstrates that trafficking could occur to anyone anytime and anywhere and most of the time victims rarely can escape. She was forced to trade her body to older men for money, having a 13-year-old assaulted and violated to have sex is disreputable.A monster is normally something that induces harms and concerns in society. Human trafficking is deemed to represent a monster because traffickers abuse and exploited girls and women without their consent they forced them into prostitution at a very young age and uses threats as a way to control them. This is an issue because many people are being exploited, coercion, forced and abuse, traffickers are taking advantage of young teenagers who are underage they tend to lure them with gifts and love and then selling them for sex. Underage girls are easily manipulated since they are so young and naive. More than thousands of underage children are being blackmailed, drugged and forced into hard labor and sex trade it an issue that conducts to violence against women and children which usually leads to major crimes such as subjugation, sexual harassment and other types of abuse. Human Trafficking is a modern-day slavery system based on the action of harboring, recruiting, threatening, abusing and using force upon someone for the motive of exploitation. Victims are recruited from shopping centers, schools, social media, and local meeting places, traffickers trapped them with false promises in order to control and take advantages of them, they use many tactics to hold their victims against their will. They target poor and vulnerable people because they are the easiest prey generally, victims of human trafficking are sexually harassed, forced upon, rape, violated, and beat up, they are exposed to live in harsh conditions by their trafficker. Once the trafficking has taken place, it is difficult to return to former life because traffickers subjugate, manipulate and make victims sell their bodies to adult by manhandling and molesting them. People need to be aware of how serious and dangerous human trafficking is and the effect it has on society especially on young adolescents. It is necessary to understand the case of human trafficking in the environment, mainly runaways, minors are implicated in the sex industry. Human trafficking is a billion dollars industry, that’s beneficial to some people since they make a lot of money and it valuable to them however the consequence is the fact that underage children and women are being held against their will to perform sexual and unsuitable activities for their traffickers. Human trafficking is one of the critical forms of human right violation, people should not have the right to sell and control others against their will, trafficking of human beings should be illegal.Human trafficking has become a global problem that causes infliction to people to fully understand the situation of human trafficking in society people need to acknowledge the fact that women and children are mainly the victims, no place is exempt from human trafficking, anyone of any gender, race, ethnicity, age can be a victim of human trafficking, it’s one of the gravest types of human rights violation. In Human Trafficking: Threat To Economic Security Of A Nation author Silky Grewal argues that terrorist groups use human trafficking as a way to increase their money to support their businesses and continue their terrorist actions, many of the victims are commonly innocent children “it was also observed that over 5,000 Yazidi women, children, and men were enslaved by ISIL” this evidence illustrates how human trafficking has increased and has been occurring almost everywhere in the world it represents an issue in society because it’s a crime that involves sexual and physical violence, victims are put in an exploitative position for economic profit.Traffickers limit underage teenagers from their right of having an education and freedom. Anti-trafficking body rolls out info drive vs. VAWC by Pamela Mariz Geminiano “they may not do well at school because they are angry or frightened” the author is stating that often children who are treated badly can’t speak on their behalf because they are afraid or ashamed of what others might think of them as an outcome this might lead them to hurt themselves or suicidal. This situation demonstrates the hazard trafficking represents especially on young teenagers because it is proven that trafficking has a particular consequence on children.There are various sorts of trafficking such as forced labor, sex trafficking, etc.., yet the exploitation of minors and women is the most prevalent, traffickers usually select potential victims who are defenseless “the people involved are extremely poor…. [They] think they’re getting a [legitimate] job, and end up in the hands of a trafficker” claim Burke from the article Catholic colleges aid human trafficking survivors by James Dearie,  this shows that perpetrators hold their victims captive and make them work for them by either making false promises to them, threatening or using something against their victims to control them.Critics may claim that human trafficking is not viewed as a threat that harms people. A probable concern they might raise is that women, young adolescent choose to be involved in trafficking because they could simply run away from their traffickers but since it an easier way for them to earn a great amount of money to provide for themselves they choose to stay therefore they aren’t victims of human trafficking. This may be a strong argument whereas human trafficking is one of the largest international business industry that cost billions of dollars many people would like to earn money in order to live as they please especially if they are living in poor condition. However human trafficking involves children that are getting forced and abused without their consent, the rights of having an education, and freedom is being taken away from them. When considering the issue of human trafficking it is clear that trafficking continues to remain a violation of the human rights of women that must be taken into account. Once forced into prostitution, women are forbidden to leave with various techniques. Traffickers usually make threats to their family members, and by physical abuse to control them for the purpose of prostitution. Girls who are living in difficult circumstances, such as an abusive family, runaways and homeless are at risk of being victims of human trafficking. There are many ways to avoid becoming victims of human trafficking being vigilant, avoid walking alone at night, don’t trust people too easily because this is one of the ways in which traffickers tend to select their victims. The government should enact a law making human trafficking illegal so that citizens are aware of the consequences to which they could be exposed if they were involved in trafficking. This issue is important because there are way too many victims of trafficking who needs attention, the amount of children and women who are being trafficked is rising and is becoming more severe, people need to be aware of the causes of this outrageous and uncontrollable problem in order to find ways to limit it from occurring.
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