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The Life Lesson in To Kill a Mockingbird Essay Example

Perspective is critical in everyone’s life, stories, and situations. Each person has their perspectives and critics in any situation. Comprehending others is key to success, and when most of us talk, we discuss ourselves and how we perceive others. Perspective develops throughout one’s life, from child to adult; there are significant differences and evolution in the thought process.

Harper Lee’s coming-of-age fictional story, To Kill a Mockingbird, is narrated through the eyes of a child, Scout, and how she comes upon obstacles and personalities. As the story progresses, a profound judgment of the children’s development and how different they grasp certain understandings are reflected, encouraging them to conceive more before the conclusion.

The story emphasizes the vital message, “to evolve as us is through acknowledging others.” Atticus anticipates his children, Scout and Jem, to comprehend and acknowledge others’ stands. In chapter 3, the author includes the value of acceptance through Scout’s story. Scout faces criticism throughout the day from Miss Carolina, her teacher. She feels surpassed and underestimated yet and only shows the feeling through her repugnant hearsays about her teacher.

Atticus as a father and guide, advises Scout to “climb into his skin and walk around in it” (Lee 30). He tells her to understand Miss Caroline’s situation as a new teacher and facing a different lifestyle from Alabama. He considers the importance of respect and compassion, advising Scout to carry them through the story to be more considerate and compassionate.

Harper Lee stresses the point of perceiving others before estimating them for their actions and behaviors, highlighting the message of “do not judge the book by it is cover,” reflecting how Scout revolves around the principle of Atticus’s quote. Through the path of development, characters are thrown to experience reality and criticism for their actions. Their obstacles sometimes make them think things from the opposite perspective to understand the other person in the scenario.

In chapter 11 of the story, Mrs. Dubose, who lived down the street from the Finch family, insults Jem and Scout for their attitude. In the court case, Atticus defends an African American, and she states, “Your father is no better than the… and trash he works for!” (Lee 102). Atticus convinces Jem to understand others’ perspectives even after recognizing that Ms. Dubose’s actions are immoral. Yet, he expects his children, Scout and Jem, to understand and consider others’ perspectives believing there is always a reason for one’s actions.

After Mrs. Dubose’s death, Jem and Scout realize her addiction. Atticus appreciates the old woman’s triumph against addiction and urges his children to “stand in one’s shoes” (Lee 30) to concede their situation and life. The notion of learning about others is critical before assessing them. It helps both sides to consider the other’s actions and opinions. In this case, Mrs. Dubose’s problems were hidden from the children, but soon they learned a valuable lesson, courage.

The children understood not to judge a person through their personalities but what drives them to act. The theme of  ‘seeing things from other people’s perspective’ is necessary to discern their actions before estimating them; this prompts Scout and Jem to expand their moral education and social understanding of everyone.

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