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A Look at Renaissance Man Essay Example

The world was once where you would live for a god or leader, live a plain and simple life, and If you got sick, you would blame it on the solar system. Then suddenly, these things became old, and people would live more enjoyable lives, ask doctors to heal them if they were feeling sick, and even pay people to paint themselves just to wake up to their faces every morning.

This change was so significant to man. They needed to name it after something meaning change, a new beginning, the Renaissance! The Renaissance was a critical period in our world today. It can be defined by saying it’s when people cared more about themselves and gave god less credit for everything. It was also when we made exciting discoveries, like how we don’t get sick from demons and the solar system doesn’t decide what makes us feel better.

Art-wise, people had more time, and some of the most magnificent pieces on earth came from that era. It was a time of logical reasoning, allowing men to advance in many ways. The world would never be the same when this period was over.

The Renaissance changed man’s view of the world, and there’s no disproving that. One of the significant advancements for humanity was in individuality. In document A, it states, “One begins to know the names of the artists… feel stronger emotions in the subjects … see well-defined landscapes, natural folds in drapery, and three-dimensional figures; and one begins to notice the emphasis on symbolic representation giving way to depictions of recognizable scenes … the new artistic styles would echo the broader movements and interests of the new age.”

This only proves that art became more about people and how realistic something looked versus only painting for people who read with pictures. The art field stepped in a direction where people would love art instead of looking at it for information. People looked at art for self-pleasure which improves the love for oneself. Another way Man’s view changed during the Renaissance is through embracing one’s own life! Men start to love themselves more and risk more things just because it’s worth it and joyful.

Document B states, “Ye [man] think sin in the beginning full sweet……Here shall you see how fellowship and happiness, both strength, pleasure, and beauty” This reveals that man, in the beginning, feels that sin is fellowship, happiness, pleasure, and beauty? Years before this, you could be killed, disrespecting your god like that. But when this was made, things must have changed enough to the point where people are writing it’s OK to sin if it makes you happy.

The last reason for the Renaissance change is man’s view on science and reasoning. People had believed for many years before that the human body was controlled by demons, the solar system, and what day you were born. Still, in the Renaissance, a man decided to open up a body (picture to the top right of document D) and found that this theory could not be the case. This information shows that man’s view of science changed during the Renaissance.

Although today we don’t follow these new views from the Renaissance, we get many current views from theirs. The Renaissance period was a very important change for the world. From that era came some magnificent and necessary things we need today. This proves that man’s view changed during the Renaissance.


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