Personal Essay I want to Become a Character Artist | 353 Words

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Personal Essay I want to Become a Character Artist

I am Trustworthy because I know what I should and shouldn’t say.

Caring I care about the work I do and about the people around me,

Optimistic I have a positive attitude towards my work and the people I work with,

Effective listener: When interested in the subject or job I’m working on, I’m interested in the position, or the issue always has my full attention.

Well-Organized because I have OCD,

Great planner, I am a great planner because I tend to plan multiple steps,

I am Logical because I connect some form of logic to all of my work

Understanding Because I am open-minded to all situations and ideas,

I’m Persistent because when I start something, I see it to the end.

My top 3 development roles are Level designer, Environmental artist, and Character artist.

Responsibilities: Draw and create Weapons, Vehicles, Characters, and other props.

Ten Year plan

Year 1: Attend high school and choose video editing and art as my electives

Purpose: Develop essential art and editing skills.

Year 2: Complete High school

Year 3: Attend college and choose art and photography as my classes.

Purpose: Develop professional Art and editing skills

Year 4: Continue college and choose Video production.

Purpose: Develop character movements and environmental movements

Year 5: Finnish college and begin making Characters and props for games.

Purpose: Develop an understanding of editing character animation and character creation.

Year 6: Apply for a Junior character artist position at a game studio.

Purpose: Get an understanding of the job and experience working with others.

Year 7: Stay and work for the studio for a couple of years to gain experience

Purpose: Show future studios my reliability, stability, and experience with the job.

Year 8: Get enough experience to drop the Junior title.

Purpose: Get more experience in the job and get closer to an advancement

Year 9: Get good enough to become the official character artist.

Purpose:  Do the best I can to earn an advance and get more experience managing others.

Year 10: Apply for a Character artist position at a bigger studio.

Purpose: Work with a larger group of people.

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