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The Unattainable American Dream in Great Gatsby Essay Example

An innumerable amount of people come to the United States in the hope of getting the chance to achieve the American Dream. The American dream is the illusion that anyone in the world can reach their wildest dreams, no matter how unattainable. In The Great Gatsby, authored by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the deception of the one and only American Dream is portrayed through many symbols, characters, and figurative language.  F. Scott Fitzgerald uses the Gatsby mansion, the green light, and the automobiles throughout his book The Great Gatsby to symbolize the unachievable American Dream.

Gatsby’s luxurious mansion symbolizes everything most people want from the American Dream. On the other hand, Gatsby only has the house to get Daisey, his American Dream. Gatsby bought the house and attained all his riches to impress Daisey. Fitzgerald tells the reader how much Daisey admires his home: “With enchanting murmurs, Daisey admired this aspect or that of the feudal silhouette against the sky, admired the gardens, the sparkling odor of jonquils…and the pale gold odor of kiss-me-at-the-gate” (pg 92).

The enormous palace Gatsby inhabits exemplifies how vigorously people advance toward their dream. People run at their vision like it is the finish line of a 100-mile race they can never finish. The house represents how Gatsby attempted to reach his dream through money and impress the girl he dreamed of in his past.

Although Gatsby goes to great lengths to achieve his dream, including breaking the law, he will never fully have Daisey as a lover. Gatsby had a feeling, and it was an immense feeling of Hope: One of the strongest feelings a person can have. Gatsby has loved Daisey for decades, but that was only around three months before Gatsby left for the war. Gatsby continued to be obsessed with Daisey for five years, clinging on to the hope of being with Daisey once more: ” He stretched out his arms towards the dark water in a curious way…. Involuntarily I glanced seaward and distinguished nothing except a single green light minute and far away” (21-22).

Gatsby stands on the end of a dock as he gestures to talk to someone, but in reality, it’s only the bright green light at the end of Daisey’s pier across the long bay. As Gatsby stands in the dark, he has the illusion and hopes that he will one day be next to Daisey as he is next to the green light. Green is a color that illudes everyone commonly for the signal to go when driving a car.


Gatsby perceived the green as a go. He took the freedom his car gave him and used it to take away his only chance in life. Gatsby took advantage of life and made his freedom have a cost. Like technological advancement in automobiles, Gatsby advanced in impressing Daisey. Although with the freedom you get, there will always be a cost ” auto hit her. Instantly Killed… son of a B* didn’t even stop a car” (pg 140).

When Gatsby ran over Myrtle, he ended his life.  Gatsby knew what he was doing; when someone purposefully murders another, it is instantly implied that there will be a consequence. His consequence was George killing him in an outrageous rage. Gatsby ended his American Dream without fully ever completely getting Daisey’s love due to his stupidity.

America is a country built on dreams. Therefore, many people believe it’s the country in which dreams come true. Someone may one day reach their American Dream, but only after years and years of hard work, which many people will never succeed at. Consequently, the American Dream is almost completely unachievable.

Throughout The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald supplies a lot of evidence, such as what the Gatsby mansion, the green light, and automobiles symbolize. The American Dream is unachievable for many people like Gatsby. Although America is the land of opportunity and dreams, the American Dream itself is completely unfeasible.

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