Essay on Ethics and Morals For Younger Generation

Essay on Ethics and Morals For Younger Generation

Established rules our the guidelines that dictate how one might act around a specific person of authority. These rules help people understand good ethics, morals and proper mannerism. Strict rules are a need to maintain a society that does not run wild and crazy. Although these rules can dictate what someone does later on in life, they are not the most efficient way of preparing people for their future.In my lifetime, I have seen many people that constantly break the rules. All of these ‘troublemakers’ start out eager to learn in school, but overtime, they get discouraged. This leads to them breaking more rules because they all stopped caring about following them. In fact, they are more content when they break the rules, it gives them a slight satisfaction. Let’s create a hypothetical situation where one person has followed the rules but the other person has not. Now, the person that has followed the rules will thrive in a real life situation where there are certain guidelines laid out. On the contrary, the person who has not followed the rules will struggle with living by the rules. These rules are only good for the rule follower, not the rule breaker. By enforcing rules and guidelines we can control how some people act but society fails the rule breakers for setting them up for failure.These rules are controlling the way people act, but society is advancing so fast that these rules become out of date as soon as they are created. Basically, this means that we are enforcing the past. In other words, we are not preparing for what will take place in the future. Society needs to reconsider the idea of strict rules that limit one’s ability to thrive in the real world. Instead, we should encourage the younger generations to have good morals, but we should not condemn them for breaking the rules.By encouraging the younger generations to thrive with good ethics, morals and proper mannerism; they will grow to their full potential. Not only will they grow, they will also be prepared for when difficult situations arise. In conclusion, established rules are a need but we need to redesign how they our enforced. Instead condemning, we need to encourage personal growth and giving them the will to do thing right. This will prepare them for the future problems that will be solved because we encouraged.


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