Engineering vs Architecture Argumentative Essay

Engineering vs Architecture Argumentative Essay

Everyone at some point in their lives believed that they knew exactly what they wanted to be when they grew up. For example, when you were younger, you probably wished to become an astronaut, princess, race car driver, etc. Throughout our entire lives, our idea of ??a future career change has been. First, it starts with what we like and what we want to do and it’s totally out of the ordinary. Then it moves on to something fairly reasonable. Finally, you get to reality and you are at the point where you ask most of yourselves, “What will I be when I grow up?”Perhaps engineering and architecture. Engineering and architecture are both a fun and exciting job, where you can use your creativity and imagination. Mostly, everyone wants to be successful in a job that they have to do for the rest of their lives, right? However, is that all that matters when looking for a career? No, if you are successful but hate your job, you will end up miserable every day of your life. Now if you’re going to find a job you can be happy with and also pay enough for the bills that you won’t be afraid to go to work every day. After researching, it is clear that engineering is a better profession than architecture because it allows you to improve the world and create useful inventions that will bring a lot since you get to experience changing the world.Engineering and architecture are two jobs with a lot of similarities but also a lot of differences. For example, engineering can allow people to create amazing inventions to help improve our world. An example of why engineering is so important to the world, “The importance of engineers to any society has historically been of great importance, and this trend is likely to increase over time. Engineers and their work are, in fact, transforming theory into practical for the betterment of everyone.” Engineers have changed the world from the start. Engineering began before the advent of technology and electricity. Nobody really knows who exactly was the first engineer, engineering is a really important job but architecture is as well. “Far from just providing shelter, architecture becomes the stage and context for our lives. This is why we feel empowered…” Architecture brings this beauty and creativity to our streets and cities. The architecture makes us astonished when we see a skyscraper or leaves us breathless when you finally find your perfect home. Both jobs require a lot of creativity and imagination. Although engineering is more important because it is engineering that created the technology that architects use nowadays. Engineering also has a bigger impact on the world because engineering can find ways to help the atmosphere, keep people safe, improve our world, and so on. Engineering and architecture are two important jobs and we wouldn’t be where we are if it wasn’t for these two jobs.Engineering and architecture are two jobs that allow people to create amazing and useful inventions. Although engineering has affected the world more than architecture. In the essay How Engineers Changed Our World, “I tried to explain that engineers are the lifeblood of any society. From smart buildings and the Golden Gate Bridge to space travel and fast cars, or even the latest tablets, engineers have shaped the way our world works.” Engineers have completely changed our world for the better but also for the worst. There are some inventions that do both good and bad. For example cars. They are extremely beneficial for travel but release bad toxins into our atmosphere. This is when engineers think and brainstorm different ways to fix an issue. Architecture has also improved our world. In the article How can architecture change the world, Tean Chee Woo said, “ “Architecture affects the way we live. Architecture grew from the human need for shelter, but now it’s a form of identity for culture…”Yes, architecture has given us shelters and new and useful setups for building, homes, etc architecture doesn’t really affect the world as much as engineering does. If you are interested in using your imagination and bringing stuff to life engineering and architecture are definitely the jobs for you. These two careers definitely require a lot of imagination and creativity. Although, they do have that similarity they both improve the world in two completely different ways. For example, engineering makes inventions that can help solve situations. While, architecture just finds different designs for buildings, houses, etc. After reading the four articles I definitely believe that engineering stands out a lot more rather than architecture.When researching similarities and differences about engineering and architecture. It sounded like engineering is a better career; some reasons why is because they can improve the world, and it also allows engineers to create helpful inventions. Between these two careers engineering would bring way more happiness because you get to improve people’s lives and also improve the world all together. Architecture may also bring you happiness since you can bring a shelter to a family, or create a breathtaking building in the middle of a city, etc. Engineering has been proved to be a better job. Since you can affect the world in so many different ways. You get the chance to fix something that has a bad impact on the world or you can solve a problem that is in a workplace or even find a way to keep trash out of the ocean. Engineering has a bigger impact than architecture. Simply press the button, and we’ll handle the rest!


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