Describe the condition/issue in general terms (10 points)Discuss the importance of the condition/issue to men’s health (10 points)Discuss the prevalence of the condition/issue worldwide/nationally/locally (statistics required) (10 points)Review the costs/consequences of the condition/issue (10 points)Analyze appropriate treatment/nursing interventions for the condition/issue (10 points)Discuss key concepts for prevention/transmission of the condition/issue (10 points)Identify key challenges to future prevention/control (10 points)Discuss whether the condition/issue can/should be addressed locally in your own community/region and one mechanism of how this could be done. (10 points)Cite references appropriately via APA in the document and on a final Reference slide (minimum of five references including websites and journal articles) (10 points)Appropriate use of grammar and spelling; font size; graphics; colors (10 points)