Being Unique in a Society Essay Example

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Being Unique in a Society Essay Example

In the society that is present today, it is hard to find an exact replica of yourself. Yes, one may find qualities in others that they can relate to or certain activities that are enjoyable in both eyes but at the end of the day no one is a clone. Finding similar qualities in certain characters draws one closer to them, a person who has the same ambition will attract the beholder’s attention a lot easier and may possibly maintain one’s attention for a while.

As the famous ancient proverb once stated by William Turner, “Birds of a feather flock together.” This results in why one might be closer to one friend in the circle than others, or why one favors one parent more than the other. Besides finding qualities in a person, we as a society either purposely or accidentally favor movies more than others, or certain characters in books.

This is not because of any given reason but because of the archetypes the director and authors use in movies and novels. In the play Antigone, the story surfaced around the test of a character’s morality, Antigone. Through thick and, thin Antigone refuses to back down on her morals of life, which may be the reason why one with similar morals may connect to her archetype easier. The author presents realism to the readers by using perspective and morality.

In society, one doesn’t immediately become attracted to a person or an objective for the sake of it. We as a society are placed in a market economy, not a dictating economy, we are not robots. The reason why one does and sees certain aspects differently than the others is based on their perception.

For instance, if one was to take 2 people and place the number 6 on the floor. One sees the number from the top, and the other sees it from the bottom. If we were to ask the person on the bottom what number is presented on their face the person would say six. The person on top would most likely disagree with the person on the bottom because from their perspective they see the number 9 instead.

Neither of them is wrong because due to the perspective on how the situation presented itself; which ties to the realism the author tried to portray with Antigone. One may infer that she is a traitor to her uncle, King Ceron but one might see her actions from a different perspective as courageous. To not crack under pressure to stay loyal to what is essentially morally right.   As a child, one is not born good or evil, homosexual or straight, religious or atheist.

These paths are chosen either on behalf of oneself or through the influence of others who one crosses paths with. In the play, Antigone the author Sophocles presented realism in Antigone’s archetype by presenting how one acts when making a hard decision when life pressure is applied.

For example, if one were to be homeless and have a child and the child ended up having the flu and wouldn’t heal. The only way to help the child is by stealing medicine at a local pharmacy. In today’s society stealing is legally wrong but when life and death come to play which is worth more? legality or morality. In the play, the author presents a similar situation vividly to the readers, how even though Creon’s Creed states that anyone who buries Polyneices will be condemned to death. Antigone chooses to follow her morals and give her brother a proper burial to ensure he finds peace in the underworld.

Life is built in the form of a rubric cube, complicated but doable. In life, we face difficult challenges and in each challenge, there is an outcome whether it is good or bad. As once said by famous writer J.K Rowling “We’’ve all got both light and dark inside of us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.

” Antigone could of listen to Ceron’s Creed and abandoned her brother, as the rest did, but instead knew that burying was the right thing to do morally. This is where the author cleverly uses morality and one’s perception of life come to shape the protagonist of the story and shape her archetype.

In the play, Antigone, the author uses both realistic tools morality, and perspective to lay out Antigone’s archetype, which is the hero. The author presented the characteristics of Antigone and the hero archetype. She went by the motto of the hero “If there is a will there is a way”, Antigone found a way to bury her brother and she took the opportunity, in no way, shape, or form she displays to the reader being a chicken.

Throughout the play, her core desire was to prove her brother’s worth through a courageous act, which was putting her life on the line. To illustrate, the main point is that the author Sophocles uses characteristics such as molarity and one’s perspective to build the archetype of Antigone.

One may infer morality is a building block for Antigone due to the fact that when she chose to follow her morals and give her life and freedom in order for her brother to have a proper burial and guarantee he finds peace in the underworld. In addition, another way the author promoted realism in building the Antigone archetype is the perspective of the way one view’s life. The King felt as if Polyneices was a traitor and should not be buried and as King, the others sought to obey him.

However, Antigone had a different perspective of the situation and saw it was actually wrong to let her own brother perish. Antigone shows self-sacrifice, which is, in fact, connects to the real situation in our world today. When the pressure is set on, does one follow the crowd or moral instincts?


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