Abortion Is Wrong Argumentative Essay

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Abortion Is Wrong Argumentative Essay

Just in the first 10 days of 2021, over 1.2 million abortions have been performed. In that same amount of time about 22,000 people died from covid. Our whole lives are being changed because of Covid. Abortion is wrong and needs to be illegal. Everyday thousands of innocent lives are being taken away without even getting a chance to live. These babies have no say. Some states have passed laws to let babies be aborted right up until birth (Stoltzfus).

Ultimately abortion should not even be a choice. (McCammon). Abortion is murder and it needs to be put to an end. For one, the baby has no say in anything. It is not a mother’s right to take a life that is not her own. Even if the pregnancy is putting the mother at risk, the baby isn’t even getting a chance to live. Take that risk and save a life. (Stoltzfus). The liability of the abortion is in the mother’s hands as she is paying for it. The obvious yet not so obvious reason. It is murder. Currently murder is illegal in all 50 states with no restrictions.

Abortion should not be an exclusion. At just 6 weeks a baby’s mouth, nose, and toes are beginning to form yet people still refer to it as just a “clump of cells”. (Stoltzfus). And finally, there is always another option. There are tons of places that offer free ultrasounds for women to see their baby in hopes of changing their minds about getting an abortion. (Stoltzfus).

There also are many organizations around the world made to help out pregnant women who many aren’t financially ready for a baby. They are happy to help all. And lastly there are people all over that would do anything to have a child but unfortunately can’t get pregnant that would love to adopt.

Abortion is not the only option and shouldn’t even be an option. A huge opposing argument is what if the woman is raped. (Galea). Although rape is a horrible thing no women should have to experience, just because the mother has to go through the pain doesn’t mean the baby should have to as well.

The mom is not alone, help is always available. (Stoltzfus). In conclusion, abortion is wrong and needs to be illegal. Punishments need to happen for those performing and those receiving abortions. (McCammon). The baby has no say, it is murder, and there are always other options. Stop killing the innocent. Take a chance and save a life.Simply press the button, and we’ll handle the rest!


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